5 Easy Holiday Workout Tips to Stay on Track

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Cue the Hallmark channel, hit up TJ Maxx one {okay maybe a few} more times for some last minute decorations, and lets get this holiday party started. Saying “The holiday season is here!” might be a little dramatic, but it’s really is HERE, and we all know that means a lot of our routines will get thrown out the door — with office parties and cookie platters will be taking its place.

Although straying from your typical workout routine is pretty much expected during the holiday season, the one thing you don’t want to go flying out the door is your workout routine {and I don’t just mean leg day}. Check out the list below for some easy, stay on top of your game tips to help your handle the holidays.

1) Plain and simple; keep doing what you’re doing

You know the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” It stands true when it comes to keeping an active lifestyle. If a workout is part of your daily routine, keep doing exactly what you’re doing to finish out the year. If you’re bored or feel like you need that little extra push, read on.


2. Join a new gym or hire a personal trainer

The holidays are the time of the year when gyms, personal trainers, and studios run a lot of promotions, just like every other business does. Take advantage and try something new like the rock climbing, Gravity Vault, or SLT studio that both opened in uptown Hoboken.

3. Take part in an online challenge of some sort that will hold you accountable.

Full disclosure, a lot of ‘challenges’ aren’t something you want to take part in if you’re trying to make a lifestyle change, but they’re a great kick-start in the booty and they’ll keep you accountable for the time being.

4. Grab a workout buddy

– Strength is in numbers {literally and figuratively}. Grab someone you know will push you, someone who will support you, and someone who you don’t mind getting sweaty with.

5. Treat yourself to some in home workout equipment

– Everyone treats themselves when they go holiday shopping, right? This is a perfect excuse to buy yourself something a little early that’ll last you a long time. Pro tip: A kettle bell, a set of dumbbells, and jump rope are all you need to get a booty kicking in home workout.

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Vanessa is a fitness gypsy by trade, a writer by degree, a PitBull mama by choice, and a lover of all things coffee just because. She first fell in love with Hoboken when she started teaching Zumba at Work it Out at the Willow location 5 years ago. Fast forward to now and you can find her often traveling from gym to gym ready to teach class at Work it Out, Intrepid gym, or train private clients for her business bachata & barbells, petting any and every dog on the street, or getting hopped up on caffeine at the newest coffee shop in town. When she's not in the gym, she's doing what she can to spread PitBull awareness (she's the co-creator of Pitness in the Park), eating at as many restaurants as she can in Jersey City with her food obsessed fiance, or binge watching SyFy or The Hallmark Channel (depending on the season).

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