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A Peek Inside the 2017 Hoboken House Tour {+ The Coolest Things We Saw}

by Genna
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Every October, the Hoboken Historical Museum hosts the Hoboken House Tour: where local residents share their new build, newly-remodeled or vintage home – brownstone or apartment – with our curious {and courteous!} community. 100% of each ticket {$40 each} goes to improving Hoboken Historical Museum exhibits, educational programs and events – a worthy local cause. Here’s a photo peek into our sunny Sunday stroll last weekend:

Hoboken tour-goers have the option to start at either the Hoboken Historical Museum uptown {1301 Hudson} or the Fire Department Museum downtown {213 Bloomfield} and are welcome to begin the self-guided tour anytime between 10am and 4pm – which takes about three hours on foot.

This year, 17 destinations {of homes and historic landmarks} were open to attendees. If you purchased VIP tickets, the tour included three additional stops!

When it comes to the homes featured, the design trend seemed to revolve around an all-or-nothing styling: promoting minimalistic living or a space full of lively trinkets. A simple guest bedroom uptown seen below with a statement headboard extending beyond the confines of the mattress width, effortlessly chic. The renovations in this home {completed in 2016} make this oversized home one-of-a-kind. Like like many brownstones in Hoboken, this home had been transformed for multi-family purposes and then restored back to single-family to keep up with the ever-changing times.

Just when you thought neon signs were a thing of the past… it so happens that TWO neon signs made an appearance along our house tour this year. This particular home is one of the few homes in Hoboken with an outdoor swimming pool {talk about amenities!} and had been saved from demolition by being considered part of the historic district right before the owners purchased it.

Be good or be gone, we support this as a perfect social media motto. Playful features brought these homeowners’ fun eclectic personality to the forefront of their decorating.

^Are ceiling designs now a thing? This new trend is something we can get behind …or under… 

This home is unique in that it spreads out like a Suburban home with a grand foyer and wrapped staircase. With this funky living area to the right and an elegant oak-adorned library to the left – you don’t even feel like you’re living the city life!

This is a home where they showcase that: less is more is a thing no more. Again, lighting proving to be king in this annual decor journey…

This family’s admiration for cheeky-art and perfectly over-furnished flare keeps things cozy and ultra-personalized, including this photo-filled nook to gather around.

Pleasantly surprised by this dark-colored kitchen design which makes this unique subway sign feel right at home. The dark shares are balanced in contrast by the glass wall of windows, bringing a bright and airy touch to the space. This modern masterpiece is integrated with a Control4 Smart Home to sync the surround sound, thermostat and intercom with the family’s phones – how cool is that?

This colorless neon light {reading: it was all a dream} completes this monotone bar scene in the basement level of this modernized brownstone dating back to 1890. Next happy hour plans = made.

Nothing like some playful banter with this silly welcome mat. Truly, an apartment that would be anyone’s perfect paradise. **NOTE: NOT ONLY FOR GANGSTA’S**

Taking a pause from this home’s dark kitchen design… we couldn’t help but smile at the perfection of this closet-sized space adorned with a green vanity housing both gold and black fixtures, with gorg scalloped wallpaper — serious SWOON complimenting the severe shades in the kitchen.

Well, where else would you hang a halved zebra in your home…?

This fireplace was intended to be wood-burning but upon switching to gas, the homeowners decided to keep the funky visual appeal of firewood storageWe might give a 0/10 for functionality but a definite 10/10 for design aesthetics!

Extravagant light fixtures seemed to be the most charming feature within many of these exquisite homes: this one measuring a whopping 2,200 square feet.

The only downfall of the day – albeit a cute picture – were that dusters were required in most of the houses, even though we feel like this is totally overkill. If you can afford a beautifully-renovated brownstone, shouldn’t you be able to afford to get a cleaning lady to come the next day to do a floor cleaning? Just our two-cents. Buuut, that being said, there is a lot of unpicked up dog poop around town so it may be for the best.

The Hoboken House Tour takes pride in rotating the the homes they show, featuring different locations and interiors each year — making the tour an exciting activity that you can make into a fun tradition every October.

A word to the wise: buy your tickets early for 2018, this bad boy usually sells out!

A special thank you to the generous homeowners who have opened their homes to share their slice of Hoboken with us, and the event staff  for making this year so enjoyable.

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What was your favorite part of the Hoboken House Tour this year?  Share in the comments!


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