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Here’s What Eli Manning’s Penthouse Looks Like {+ Highlights From the Hoboken House Tour}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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There’s an age {well several decades} old tradition in October in Hoboken — and that is the Hoboken House Tour. Originally started several decades ago, the house tour aims to showcase interesting and unique brownstones and homes around Hoboken {usually 9-10 are picked} to help raise funds for the Hoboken Historical Museum. This year, we were lucky enough to get a peek into Eli Manning’s Hudson Tea apartment {which is actually on the market!} as well as some other one-of-a-kind apartments and spaces. The self-guided tours take about two to three hours on foot, and they start at either the Hoboken Historical Museum at 1301 Hudson or the Fire Department Museum at 213 Bloomfield.

Here’s a photo peek inside our day:


^Starting off the tour — uptown at the Hudson Tea building where Eli Manning lives. 

As you could have guessed, the Eli Manning apartment was a hot commodity on the tour. It’s actually on the market for a casual $5.2 million, but considering it’s in a prime uptown {penthouse} location with siiiick views of both the Hudson River and Hudson Street and a totally marble bathroom, we can’t object.


^A little peek at the view from Eli’s apartment


^Eli’s view from the kitchen. Where he made his power brekky every morning {well, his chef…}

Currently the apartment {or should we say 3 apartments — since the football star actually bought three apartment and combined them} is on the market so there was no furniture, but you can tell that it was quite the stunner when furnished. And the closets? Oh. My. Gawd. Literal heaven {and pretty much the size of your average one bedroom apartment in Hoboken}. So yeah, if you have a few extra mil lying around, this spot could be yours. Eli is still the owner, aka it’s fair game to try to arrange a sit-down home-buying meeting.


^Marble bathrooms for the Mannings. Casual.

While things are fine and dandy uptown, of course we had to give midtown and downtown some foot traffic. The lines around town were quite busy {when the house tour sells out it, it has 600 spots filled — so you can imagine 10-12 houses having that many people waiting to attend can get a little crowded}.


^Lines to wait on all around the mile square


^Dusters required in some of the houses {even though personally, totally overkill. If you can afford a brownstone, can’t you afford to get a cleaning lady to come the next day to do a once-over floor clean? Just sayin’.}


Even though Eli’s house was uber-impressive, it really couldn’t compare to the houses that were showcased around town. I mean — one house had five levels and an elevator, plus this sleek and modern decor {above}.


^Vator. Where is this when you need it in a 4th floor walk-up? Womp, womp.


^Proof that you can actually have a deck on every level of your Hoboken house — including your bedrooms.


^Every baby grand needs a modern light fixture to juxtapose it from contemporary style.


^If you’ve seen the 3- and 4-bedroom apartments being built at 401 Jeff, you can now have a little peek inside. And sorry to all with a deck but these decks are possibly the biggest in Hoboken. Barbecues galore will be happening, that’s fo sho.


^A hangout in a basement of one brownstone was literally #goals for my current Hoboken apartment. Le sigh.


^From contemporary to classic, there were no shortage of perfectly placed design features in each house.


^Channeling Hitchcock’s Rear Window with this view. It was so cool to be able to get a closer look inside of some of Hoboken’s most fancy and unique homes.

A word to the wise: buy your tickets early next year — this bad boy usually sells out. Every year they pick different houses, so it varies greatly on the locations and the interiors — making it lots of fun and something you can make a yearly tradition.

Have you been on the Hoboken House Tour? What did you think? 


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