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A Visit to Acupuncture Atelier in Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Sometimes, we’re all in need of a bit of holistic healing — something to leave us feeling like our best selves, which is particularly necessary during this very odd time in the world. Enter, Acupuncture Atelier. Located at 1321 Washington Street in Hoboken and owned by Sara Khosrowjerdi, this local wellness haven is a great spot to relax and reset. Here’s a quick preview of what it’s like visiting Acupuncture Atelier.

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About Sara

sara acupuncture atelier

Acupuncture Atelier is a boutique acupuncture studio run by Sara Khosrowjerdi. Sara received her Master’s of Acupuncture with honors at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City and her undergrad in Business Admin from Western New England University. Being Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certified, she also has a vast understanding of the Chakra system and the role it can play in the healing process. Sara’s primary practice focuses on the unique treatment styles of Kiiko Matsumoto, whom she studied for three years at Tri-State College of Acupuncture. Using KM Acupuncture as a base, Sara integrates and supports using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Physical Medicine, Reiki, and essential oils to create the ultimate holistic experience. Currently, Sara has officially reopened her doors and is taking on new patients – with tons of COVID-19 precautions in place {and then some}.

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The Acupuncture Atelier Experience

acupuncture atelier hoboken girl

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When visiting this local spot, you will speak with Sara about your health history as she takes notes so that she can devise the most effective treatment plan for her patients. When one team HG member visited for a few issues, including heart health, TMJ {jaw lock}, and anxiety, Sara worked with her to better understand those health issues and any other issues that were possibly hindering her well-being for a while. Our team member is happy to report that Sara is very thorough, which is nice because as it adds a personal touch and is uniquely tailored to the patient specifically rather than just a one-size-fits-all treatment}.

Then, she got right down to business. {Editor’s Note: for optimal treatment, you should plan to bring loose-fitting shorts and a t-shirt along with you, make sure you’re hydrated and also have had something to eat at least one hour prior to treatment.}

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acupuncture atelier hoboken girl

During the treatment, Sara also used essential oils that were tailored to the patient’s treatment —there’s truly something about scents and oils that just add to a feeling of complete relaxation. For our visiting team HG member, it was quite unbelievable how the treatment went. The process is as follows — Sara presses certain areas of the body, and if the patient feels pain, she adds a needle to a different area of the body. Once the needle is in that area, she presses the other painful spot again — and just like that, the pain is usually gone, unreal!

acupuncture atelier hoboken girl

^Some of the acupuncture treatment supplies

acupuncture atelier hoboken girl

^ Jen from Team HGH receiving her acupuncture treatment!

Of course, for those who have fear of needles, rest assured, this is practically painless. The is really no pain associated with the needles at all, besides the tiniest little pinprick and then tingling sensation {but not even, it’s very minor}.

Luckily, when our visiting team member stopped by Acupuncture Atelier, Sara explained her treatment plan for her  so we could share it in layman’s terms with you all, to understand how it works {this was an HG idea, no need to worry about HIPAA}:

Jen’s TMJ/Jaw Pain was a branch stemming from her long term concerns over her cardiac health.  Although she presents with constant jaw pain, I realized quickly that the root that needed to be treated in order to bring balance to her body was to treat her Heart / Pericardium excess condition.  

– Treatment started by addressing her anxiety reflexes on her sternum and below her heart center.  Kiiko Matsumoto’s “PC Choice” (using Metal and Water to calm the Fire excess) released pressure pain over her sternum quickly and her body began to balance {Editor’s note: Kiiko Matsumoto is Sara’s mentor and teacher trainer in her Acupuncture Master’s program}.  From there I decided to open the Chong Mai extraordinary meridian to release the pressure pain below her heart center.  

– Using Chong’s opening point SP4, I realized opening Chong Mai not only released the anxiety being held below her Heart (where surgery and trauma had take place an early age), but also released strain being held below her umbilicus near her pelvis.  Interestingly enough, through clinical experiences it is clear that held emotions burrow and often become latent sitting within the pelvic bowl.  It was essential to not only release all anxiety and tension located at her heart center but to also begin to address any held emotion in her pelvis from entering the world under extreme and traumatic circumstances.  

– After treating the root, I wanted to bring relief to the branch; TMJ/ her persistent jaw pain.  The jaw pain or jaw clenching is simply a way that her body is attempting to communicate that she needs to ease her anxieties.  In this case, her body was speaking loud and clear!  I used ANS calming points in order to ease the tension from her sphenoid bone.  According to Kiiko Matsumoto symptoms of a shift in the sphenoid bone could include sleep disorders, TMJ, jaw pain, and/or temporal headaches; all signs and symptoms Jen presented with.  Using the KM sphenoid bone imbalance protocol, I was able to ease the tension and bring relief to her jaw.

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The Final Verdict

If you’re in the need for a relaxing treatment, Acupuncture Atelier is the place to go. Our team member is happy to report that after her session with Sara, she never felt so relaxed, even after a deep tissue massage! Her jaw had unlocked, and she didn’t have a headache or any stress-aches that gets routinely get since the treatment several days ago. Needless to say, if the quarantine has left you stressed out, achy, or both, be sure to give Sara a call. To book an appointment with Sara, you can visit her website or call or email 978-761-6676 or [email protected]{PS: From now through July 31st, all initial appointments for new patients will be $75.}


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