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Meet the Finalists of Hoboken Girl‘s Puppy Bowl 2023 — CAST YOUR VOTE!

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Following the impossible task of deliberating the cutest pups in Hoboken + Jersey City, the top nine finalists for our 3rd Annual Hoboken Girl Puppy Bowl 2023 have been chosen!

hoboken girl puppy bowl 2023 finalists

Voting will take place from Friday, February 10th to Sunday, February 12th at 11:59PM and the winner will be announced on Thursday, February 16th. You can vote as many times as you want within that time frame.

Thank you to all the dog parents who submitted photos of their fur babies AND who donated to Wise Animal Rescue! Keep reading to cast your vote and crown one dog as the winner (of some amazing local prizes!). We will also be donating a portion of the sponsorship fees to Wise Animal Rescue.

Here are some words from Wise Animal Rescue:

We have had a unique opportunity to save many puppy mill dogs from the Midwest and the South. These puppies and their parents are termed as ‘throw-aways’ by breeders, and will be euthanized if action isn’t taken to save their lives. We pay for them to be transported to us — and give them a new shot at life.

The puppies are either too old to be “desirable,” have medical conditions that require extensive funds, or just can’t be sold to the pet stores — for something as simple as crossed eyes.

We welcome these dogs with our volunteers, who selflessly wait with us on transport day, so that these sweet animals can finally be held in loving arms.

Other dogs that come to us through puppy mills are parents that were bred over and over till the “breeders” got their money’s worth.

It’s easy to see how overbred these dogs are; some come with mastitis or just look beaten. They have never been held before or even felt grass. 

VOTING BELOW – first, a look at our top 9:

The Finalists



Bronson’s owner shared with us:

“Bronny will be 5 in May. We got him when he was 9 months old in February 2019. He was originally adopted by a family in NJ who needed to rehome him due to his excessive shedding and their allergies. We saw a picture of him and immediately said yes. He turned out to be the sweetest, most gentle little pup we could have ever dreamed of. Bronny LOVES cheese + chicken. He also loves to lay on his favorite furry blanket and get belly rubs 24/7.”


IG: @calliwiththeheartnose


Calli’s owner shared with us:

“Calli is a 2-year old Staffy who loves all things Hoboken. From Pilsner Haus to the waterfront and back up to The Madison, Calli loves exploring on long walks and saying hi to her friends around town. When it comes to shopping for herself, her go to spot is Hoboken Pet on Washington! Her all-time favorite (non-pup) treat is Rita’s! She can hardly control her tail the minute she gets to 2nd and Washington because she knows vanilla custard is in her future. Back in March of 2021, we fostered for the first time through the amazing folks at Waldo’s Rescue. It took about 24 hours for us to realize that the sweetest girl with a heart-shaped nose had found her forever home with us.”



Hercules’ owner shared with us:

“Hercules is a Jersey City pup who puts a smile on the face of everyone he meets. He likes stealing things that don’t belong to him like stuffed animals, socks, and shoes, but not to eat, just to cuddle. He loves long walks to the park and ear scratches! His favorite local business is Fur Seasons Pet Resort.”



Maui’s owner shared with us:

“Maui is a 2-year-old chihuahua mix rescued in October from Animal Lighthouse Rescue. Despite his name being Maui, he came from Puerto Rico after the hurricanes and went from being a stray street dog near the beach to having to wear jackets in the NJ winters. He loves to chase all kinds of birds and squirrels, will do anything for a treat and loves to go on walks. His favorite thing to do is give hugs and will rub his head on you for more pets! His favorite treats and activities are literally all kinds of treats/food and loves to chase birds and squirrels and loves walks. His favorite local businesses are Hound Around Town, Wufster, Puppy University.”


IG: @vinniethesmilingdog


Vinnie’s owner shared with us:

“Vinnie is a 2-year-old rescue pup from See Spot Rescued. He was originally rescued from Texas but now lives his best life in Jersey City. He is named after his mom + dad’s first date spot in Hoboken, Grand Vin. He loves playing fetch, exploring Liberty State Park, and playing with all his JC and Hoboken dog friends!”



Arden’s owner shared with us:

“Arden is a retired research beagle who spent the first two years of his life being experimented on in a New Jersey lab. When rescued, he had never stepped foot on live grass, never felt the warmth of the sun, and never breathed in fresh air. He didn’t even know a name — he was known only by a 10-digit serial number tattooed on his ear. Arden retired from the lab a few months ago and has been settling into his new life as a family dog in Jersey City. He loves to walk along the boardwalk and explore the neighborhood’s scents. And he’s been honing his beagle instincts to chase everything from tennis balls, small critters, and the ever present fire trucks. On weekends, he loves to join his parents in the kitchen, waiting for delicious scraps to fall off the counter. And of course in the evening, he enjoys nothing more than dodging his toothbrush and tucking himself into his blanket. His favorite treats and activities are oven-baked chicken jerky, chasing other dogs and never looking directly at the camera.”


IG: @love_is_a_blind_dog


Beau’s owner shared with us:

“Beau is a six-month-old, fully blind pomapoo living in Jersey City who was adopted from Wise Animal Rescue in December! Although Beau is special needs, his lack of sight doesn’t mean a lack of love or curiosity for life. He is truly the happiest Beau-bee (baby) on the block, and there isn’t a person, dog, or toy that doesn’t light up his entire world. While many people view Beau’s lack of vision as a deficit, we view it as something that makes this already adorable little man even more unique and special. Beau doesn’t know he can’t see, and it has no bearing on his quality of life, his capability to learn and be trained, or his chance to find joy in every smell his nose catches. Through sharing our story on Instagram, we’ve been told that Beau has inspired people to consider adopting special needs dogs, and it’s opened their eyes to what a privilege it is to parent one.”



Franklin’s owner shared with us:

“Franklin is a 5-year-old French Bulldog and my best friend. It’s been a tough few months for Franklin, when he recently had a number of seizures and was sadly diagnosed with autoimmune Encephalitis in late December. The seizures and brain inflammation have robbed him of vision and hearing on his left side. He also recently started chemotherapy to help subside the inflammation of his brain. Unfortunately, there is no cure for autoimmune encephalitis, and his doctors don’t know his long-term prognosis. Franklin continues to amaze me with his adaptability, strength, and love of life. He is teaching me that every day is a gift, and we cannot take anything for granted. Every day I get to spend hearing the sweet sound of his happy snorts, and am able to (slowly) walk with him along the water are days I will cherish forever. He brings a smile to everyone that sees him waddling down 14th street (due to the extra pounds he’s gained with all the steroids). I hope that Franklin can be a reminder to everyone to live their life to the fullest, and spread love and kindness in this world.”



Tessie’s owner shared with us:

“This is Tessie. She is a 4-year-old Puerto Rican Pit Mix princess. Tessie is the best thing to ever happen to us. I was not able to sleep one Thursday night during COVID and was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a story from Souls of Satos, a rescue out of Puerto Rico. The rescue was looking for a foster in the NJ/NY area so reached out to them while my husband was fast asleep. We were so lucky to be chosen and by that Sunday she was flying up to NJ! As soon as Tessie hopped in our car, I knew we were keeping her. Everything felt like it was meant to be. Tessie will never know how much she means to us, she is my angel and I can’t imagine ever being without her. Tessie enjoys any treat that exists and loves playing at the park with her Donovan’s Dogs friends! She also loves to hike, running along the waterfront, and hanging out with all her human and dog friends at Cork City.”


Submit your name + email below* and then you’ll be able to VOTE for your favorite pup. (You can vote as many times as you want, now until 11:59PM on Sunday, 2/12)

*Submitting a ballot adds you to the The Hoboken Girl newsletter and information from our partners.

The Prizes

Ruff to Fluff Bar | 580 Palisades Avenue, Jersey City

IG Handle: @ruff_tofluffbar

Giveaway Gift + Value: One month bath membership ($95 value)

JustFoodForDogs | 1125 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken

IG Handle: @justfoodfordogs

Giveaway Gift + Value: A month’s worth of food (up to 35 pounds or equivalent; $175 value)

Be Happy Dog | 235 Hudson Street, Hoboken

IG Handle: @behappydoghoboken

Giveaway Gift + Value: 1 full grooming at Be Happy Dog


Cast your votes starting today through Sunday, February 12th at 11:59PM.

Stay tuned for the crowned winner on Thursday, February 16th of our third annual Puppy Bowl Contest.

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