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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Kristin Decker, MS Advocate {and English Bulldog Owner}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Team ‘All Hands on Deck participated in their 4th Walk MS event in Liberty State Park in Jersey City this past Saturday, April 18th. In the first three years of walk, the team raised $44,520 for the National MS Society and last year they ranked 4th in the state of NJ for total dollars brought in. This year, they have a $20,000 goal for 2015.

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Kristin Decker, our Hoboken Girl of the Week, started this team because she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. Kristin’s MS journey began just over four years ago when she was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS); a very unexpected and shocking diagnosis. Although Kristin’s initial “event” caused facial paralysis and loss of vision, she has been incredibly lucky with not having a relapse and only dealing with minor symptoms on an occasional basis. Along with her friends and family, Kristin wanted to do something to raise awareness about MS {which she knew nothing about prior to her diagnosis} and money for the society to help fund research and patient care.

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Unfortunately, so many others are not as lucky and have a more debilitating form of MS. Multiple Sclerosis is an incredibly unpredictable disease; it means that you may not be able to walk when you wake up or that you may suddenly have impaired vision, or that your memory will fail you for no apparent reason. The symptoms of MS are different and devastating for everyone {heat, stress and lack of sleep are Kristin’s biggest adversaries} – the only certainty is that it will affect yet another person every hour of every day.
Says Kristin,

I feel incredibly fortunate that I am still able to live my life with few modifications and being involved with the NJ Metro Chapter of the society is a perfect way to give back and help support others who aren’t as lucky as I am and have a more debilitating form of the disease. Last year I was named ‘Most Inspirational Walker’ at the Jersey City Walk and this year I’m sitting on the Community Engagement Committee to try and bring various merchants and vendors to the walk to make the day more interactive and exciting for the participants.

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Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. MS is labeled as a “silent disease” as many people living with multiple sclerosis look no different from a healthy person, because some of the symptoms such as blurred vision, sensory problems and chronic pain are not visible. There are over 2.3 million people worldwide who live with this disease.


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Such an inspiring story of a local Hoboken girl making a difference! To donate to Kristin and her team’s cause, here are the links:

1. Kristin’s Personal Fundraising Page for Walk MS

2. Kristin’s Team All Hands On Deck Fundraising Page for Walk MS

FYI: {the walk was last Saturday, but donations are still being accepted to help the team reach its $20K goal!}

3. Kristin’s Muck Fest Fundraising Page
{This is a competition is West Orange with a $5000 fundraising goal}

 hoboken girl of the week kristin decker^Kristin, left, with a coworker, right, after their walk on Saturday!

Of course we had to donate, but we also couldn’t let Kristin get away with NOT answering our Hoboken Girl of the Week Q’s:

What is your favorite restaurant in Hoboken?

That’s a toss up between Bin 14 and Anthony Davids.

What is your favorite boutique in Hoboken?

I used to love Platform but sadly that closed. I am Anthropologie obsessed, which I know thats not local/Hoboken small business, but its my go-to. I also really love browsing through Washington General Store, there are so many great things in there.

What do you love most about Hoboken?

I love that everything is walking distance and you NEVER have to leave if you don’t want to. I would much prefer a night out in Hoboken than a night out in the city.

What is your favorite thing to do in Hoboken?

I love the Court Street Wine tastings that they host twice a month from September-May. My friends and I try and make it a monthly habit, or at least as frequently as possible.

How long have you lived and/or worked in Hoboken?

I moved down to Hoboken from Rochester, NY 9 years ago. I used to work in the city, but now I work in Princeton.

What is your favorite outdoor place to spend time in Hoboken?

I love Pier 13 when the weather is nice. I also really enjoy just walking along the waterfront on Frank Sinatra Blvd.

What is your favorite place to workout in Hoboken?

I am obsessed with 35-Minute Bootcamps located in the Monroe Center. No two classes are the same, which is great, and the coaches and members really try and make it one big #fitfam. I also love Surya Yoga Academy for hot yoga.

Where do you go out with friends in Hoboken?

Cork City has a great, chill vibe and is directly across the street from my apartment, so I’m always game for that. I’m a fan of the Pilsenerhaus Biergarten, and after all of these years, late nights at McSwiggans are still my guilty pleasure.

What is something you think needs to come to Hoboken?

Lululemon for sure, or a salad place like chop’t…or some sort of restaurant that was gluten free or even paleo. I’m excited to try Buddha Press because that kind of falls into that theme, but something farm to table that focuses on fresh, healthy ingredients would be awesome.


Fun Fact about Kristin:

I have an English Bulldog, Bandito, who is pretty popular on Instagram {@banditothebulldog} and everyone in the neighborhood knows him because we’re always sitting outside people watching {sadly he’s not too friendly with strangers}.

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What. A. Ham.

Amazing Hoboken girl, amazing story.

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*Buddha Press is now closed.

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