Hoboken Girl Helps WomenRising: Happy Hour at The Shep {Recap}

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This past Wednesday, July 26th, we hosted a very special Hoboken Girl Helps happy hour at The Shepherd and The Knucklehead to benefit WomenRising — a local shelter that helps over 9,500 Hudson County women and families each year. Throughout the evening, we collected various supplies like tampons, diapers, and baby wipes, along with cash/check donations — for donations valuing $10 or more, participants got $2-off tacos and sliders and half-off cocktails + beer. Along with The Shep’s already heavenly food + drink menu, the bartender even created two special Hoboken Girl cocktails. But more importantly, our cup overfloweth with people’s generosity and passion for the cause.

Five minutes into the event and we already had a whole table full of supplies. One after another, people came by with armfuls of donations — some of whom weren’t even interested in the bar specials, but just wanted to contribute to WomenRising. We were amazed at the turnout {and a little concerned about how we’d get all the donations over there!}. But for us, being able to fill up two SUVs of donations and dropping them off at WomenRising the next day had us feeling all the feels about our community’s selflessness. WomenRising aids so many families and victims of domestic abuse in the area through financial and emotional support and have been dedicated to their mission for over 100 years. It’s a cause we can really get behind.

We want to thank everyone who came out to support the event and donate — you’ve helped make such an important impact on our community. Here are some pictures from our very rewarding evening:


Stay tuned for more upcoming volunteer opportunities and to learn how you can get involved in the community!

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