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Hoboken Fitness: 35-Minute Bootcamps {Round 2}

by Kate Lombardo
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We’ve written about 35-Minute Bootcamps before and loved the concept of a full body workout that literally only lasts for, well, thirty five minutes. Since then, they’ve completed post-Sandy renovations and expanded their studio to include some awesome new ways to amp up your workout {including a rock wall- sooo fun- more on that later}. For this visit we sent Hoboken Girl team member, Kate, to the gym on three separate days to try out all the great things they have to offer. She brought along her husband so we could get the low-down on the workouts for our Hoboken girls and their guys. So, here’s the deal:


The entrance to the gym is now on the ground level of the northern building in the Monroe Center. It’s super easy to find and there are signs pointing you in the right direction. Bootcamp classes run pretty often throughout the day, so a class was finishing up just as we got there. The group ahead of us was finishing up their 35 minutes with a run outside to flip tires in the field behind the Monroe Center- we didn’t do this during our session, but thought it was pretty cool the gym utilized the outdoors as well. Seeing the people in that group all pumped up at the end of their workout also gave us more motivation to start ours.


^recipe suggestions at the front desk

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The Station Hoboken

While the gym definitely has a no-frills atmosphere, the space is bright, clean, and decorated with huge paintings of superheroes, which is fun. Going to a new gym where you don’t know the typical “routine” can be intimidating and a bit of a turn off, but the front desk staff at the studio is extremely welcoming and friendly and quickly gave us the run-down of where to put our stuff, what we’d need for class, and what to expect during the workout. As other people filed in for class, you could tell that the staff really knows their members which made the space feel very comfortable and “family-like”.


Zap Fitness

^female superheroes showing some girl power! Love it!

Day 1: Boot Camp

The first day we tried out their core 35-Minute bootcamp workout. The best thing about this workout was that we did a different exercise every minute. A four minute plank seems impossible but 60 seconds? We can handle that! The design of this workout keeps up mental motivation so you can work hard for the entire 35 minutes. David, the owner and our instructor, was extremely thorough and did an excellent communicating what exercises we should do, making sure everyone used proper form without having to stop the class to “teach” every new activity. We made use of kettlebells, TRX bands, medicine balls, and good old body weight training. The whole 35 minutes felt like a flashback to gym class and was definitely a total body workout.


^pink kettlebells used during bootcamp- soo cute!

Day 2: Rock Wall


Being able to climb a rock wall right in Hoboken is pretty awesome. When we first arrived for day two, the front desk staff got us all set up with climbing shoes. These felt pretty snug {like borderline too small} but the staff explained that the shoes are supposed to feel snug so that you’re not slipping at all once you start climb.  Shawn, our guide, is a very experienced climber and instructor and he gave us a quick lesson on how to use our bodies while climbing. We’d climbed rock walls before but had never been taught proper technique. Typically, climbing is so tiring on the arms that it’s difficult to last more than five minutes. Shawn taught us that climbing is actually done more with the legs and core than the arms. Then, it was time to climb.



^Shawn talking Kate through her first climb.

The walls here are not that high- the peak height is about 14 feet- so the experience is more of a horizontal climb. This was much harder than we expected because rather than climbing vertically like you would up a ladder, you have to use your entire body to move gracefully across the wall. Definitely a whole body workout, and a ton of fun.


^highest point on the wall – please excuse the blur, hard to snap and climb!

On our second time on the wall, Shawn blindfolded us and talked us through the climb. At first, this seemed totally insane but it was actually an amazing experience to listen to your body rather than your eyes. After we were finished, Shawn pointed out some of the “rocks” we put all of our weight on and they were literally an inch long. If we’d seen them rather than just felt them, there was no way we would’ve trusted ourselves to actually climb on them. Shawn was super knowledgeable and very laid back, which made the whole experience really fun. If you decide to go, we’d highly recommend trying to set an appointment to meet with him and get some tips.


^Kate and her husband, Ken, at the end of their climb

This was such a fun way to workout and spend time together. The gym offers open bouldering at various times throughout the week and weekends. It’s a great option for a day date or a girls day out when you’re looking for something different to do with your guy or your gals. They also offer children’s birthday parties on the weekends, which is definitely a fun way to celebrate.


Day 3: Dance Fitness


^Alicia leading class.

Alicia Pieracini puts her own spin on Zumba in this high intensity dance class. It’s basically a Zumba/Bootcamp combo and is set up to combine cardio and strength training. Alicia described herself as “a lot of spunk in a small package” and she couldn’t have been more right. Her energy is infectious throughout her class, which creates a fun and motivating space to workout in. The class makes use of interval training out by alternating between a song with high intensity Zumba choreography to pump up the cardio followed by a bootcamp exercise set to a slower paced song which focuses more on strength building. This class was a really enjoyable way to get a killer workout. We definitely plan on heading back to take it again.


^Info board in the studio to keep members informed of upcoming events.

35-Minute Bootcamps is definitely not fancy, but that adds to its charm. The environment is focused on well designed workouts that don’t take up a lot of time. It’s a great option for all levels because the workouts are designed to motivate members to push themselves to their individual edge. The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly, which creates a family-like atmosphere — you could really tell that everyone enjoyed coming in. We highly recommend giving it a try, especially the rock wall. Check out their website for more information and their full schedule.


Have any of you tried out 35-Minute Bootcamps? Let us know what you think!

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