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Hoboken Fire Department Cooks Meals for the Homeless

by Arielle Witter
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It’s always refreshing when we learn about different acts of kindness happening in the news {whether on a local or national level}. Sometimes it can feel as if those kinds of acts are few and far in-between, and it can feel as if they’re difficult to come across on a daily basis. Right here in Hudson County, however, we’re lucky enough to have such a strong + great community that loves to give back — meaning we have a lot of kind acts happening around town. This time, we’re celebrating the Hoboken Fire Department, whose members have teamed up with the Hoboken Shelter to cook meals for the homeless on Monday, February 3rd. Keep reading to learn more about this heartfelt story. 

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How the Idea Came to Be

nick fire department

^ Nick {far right} and his team!

Captain Nick Goldsack of the Hoboken Fire Department is good friends with Tony Forbes, who runs the Hoboken Shelter. Earlier this year, Goldsack directed one of the younger firefighters, Matt Florio, who collected blankets for the homeless, towards the shelter to distribute them there. Of course, Goldsack connected Florio with Forbes, who gave Florio “great direction as to how to go about handing out the blankets,” Goldsack explained.

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After that, Goldsack explained that before he left, he told Forbes that if he needed anything at all for the shelter, to simply just ask.

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“Tony said, ‘Nick we are fortunate in getting food to feed people but the one thing we never get is homemade spaghetti and meatballs or garlic bread,'” Goldsack told Hoboken Girl. “He said it would be great and encouraging if the boys from the HFD could come cook us their spaghetti and meatballs.”

For Goldsack, it was a no brainer. It was a “done deal.”

Reaching Out to the Rest of the Fire Department

hoboken fd cooking

hoboken fire department cooking

Immediately, Goldsack got in touch with other members of the Hoboken Fire Department.

“I work with some of the greatest young men I have ever met, so I knew it wouldn’t be hard to set this up,” Goldsack explained. “I sent out an email not asking, but stating the HFD would be cooking for the shelter on February 3rd. In minutes I received 20 or more replies, ‘Capt, I’m in, count me in, capt I’m in what do you need.’ At least 20.”

Of course, Goldsack didn’t stop there. He followed “the chain of command” and reached out to his fire chief, Brian Crimmins. Crimmins said “absolutely,” and just like that, the Hoboken Fire Department was rallied and ready to get cooking.

Getting Things Together

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Goldsack got in touch with the aforementioned Forbes to tell him the good news and of course, Forbes asked what the HFD would need to cook — because cooking a massive meal is no small feat. Goldsack said that he and the HFD have it all covered.

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“The guys will take care of the prep and cooking and Maintenance Made Easy — a company owned by me, all [the] workers are firefighters and women — will be donating all the food,” Goldsack told HG. “The rest is history!”

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And just like that, the firefighters made their way to the Hoboken Shelter to whip up something warm, delicious, and homemade for the homeless.

Goldsack told us that he hopes to make this a yearly tradition, and quite frankly, so do we. We love when members of our community go out of their way to do something extra special for those in need and we couldn’t be more proud of the members of the HFD for making this happen. Well done, everyone!

Do you have a heartwarming story of giving back to the community you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!


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