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Hoboken Dog’s Mysterious Disappearance Has Tragic Ending

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Update as of 9:00PM on 7/7:

Mac’s owners have shared that he was taken to the vet and tragically did not make it. They are requesting privacy at this time.

“At around 6:30 pm we received a phone call that Mac has been brought into the vet. After rushing down to the vet we were informed that Mac had unfortunately passed away. Please do not take this as a sign to harass or threaten the sitter. For now we just ask for time to mourn over the loss of our Mac. Once again I cannot thank everyone enough for all the help and support we’ve received and we are sorry that we could not update with good news.“

A Hoboken pup is missing, and while we normally post our missing pets in our Facebook group and on Instagram, this Hoboken pup’s mysterious disappearance has many concerned, and this story needs to be shared to make sure others are aware of the situation. Here’s the timeline of what we know:

Yesterday, Mac’s owner posted a plea on Facebook saying, “Living a nightmare right now. I was waiting to pick Mac up this morning when the sitter stopped responding. The sitter’s name is Micaela. Mac has an easy-to-see pink spot on the right side of his lower lip. If anyone has seen Mac, Micaela, or knows anything that could help find him or her please let me know. Please share!!”

missing dog hoboken mac


This was posted in several Facebook groups including Hoboken Girl Insiders and the Hoboken Dog Lovers group. Within minutes, several Facebook users had commented on having suspicious interactions with a person named Micaela, who others believed to be named “Alyssa”.

He then received an email from the sitter stating that the dog had jumped out of the car and was lost.

missing dog hoboken mac

Diego shared with us that he had found the sitter on Rover.com.

One resident shared directly with Hoboken Girl about this sitter, “I had booked her on rover for June 12th and later found out on Nextdoor that she locked 8 dogs in a hot car in Brooklyn on a 100-degree day on June 27th. At that time, she went by Micaela so she has since changed her name to Alyssa.”

Diego updated us at 6:00PM on 7/6 that the sitter started texting him from a new number.

“She started texting me from a new number. The most detail she can give me is that Mac supposedly jumped out of the car in the heights area by Baldwin Ave. She has allegedly spoken to the police and is going to the station, but they don’t know when.”

The search is still on for Mac, so please call the police with any information you may have (201) 420-2100.

We’ll share more updates as we have them.


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