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All About the Hoboken Smile Specialists {+ Dr. Kapoor}

by Maggie Joest
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One of the most common questions team HG gets from local residents is where to get their teeth cleaned. We get it, the dentist can be intimidating, but we found one that’ll welcome you with open arms: Meet Dr. Radhika Kapoor of the well-renowned Hoboken Smile Specialists, a full-service dental practice in downtown Hoboken, located at 33-41 Newark Street between Hudson and River Street.

Dr. Kapoor and her specialized team service patients from children to adults and offer a variety of services in several different dental specialties {including pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, and orthodontics}. Dr. Kapoor’s training and experience in special needs health care and CO2 laser dentistry, combined with in-house specialists in orthodontics and adult dentistry, set Hoboken Smile Specialists apart from typical dental practices. Read on to learn more about Dr. Kapoor and her Mile Square practice:


About Hoboken Smile Specialists

Hoboken Smile Specialists offers pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and general dentistry, making the practice accessible for any member of the family. The office is welcoming, clean, and decorated with warm, calming colors, making it reminiscent of a cozy living room {read: not your typical dentists’ office}. With encouraging mantras and fun pictures on the wall and a modern vibe, the practice is kid-friendly, but will make adults feel right at home. Plus, there are TVs on the ceiling for when you’re in the dentists’ chair, helping teeth cleanings or procedures go by in a cinch {and left us wondering how the ceiling-TV would look in our apartment…}


Owner and head dentist Dr. Radhika Kapoor and her team at Hoboken Smile Specialists lead with three guiding principles:

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1) Look at the big picture.
2) Work with a team approach.
3) Prioritize education.

The team at Hoboken Smile Specialists take all aspects of patients’ needs into account, meaning they pay attention to medical, social and behavioral details. So, if you or your child has any special health care needs, the Hoboken Smile Specialists have got you covered. They even collaborate with various providers such as physicians, speech therapists, occupational therapists, etc to ensure patients get the best, most well-rounded care available. The Smile Specialists team approach is evident in everything they do.

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Dr. Kapoor and her team are passionate about keeping transparency at the core of every relationship with patients; the dental team and staff, along with the patient and his/her family, are all a part of the decision on what’s best for the patient. The team focuses on education, ensuring that everyone involved understands the process and feels comfortable discussing topics and treatment options openly and honestly.

Dr. Kapoor prides the practice on providing honest suggestions that work best for the family’s needs – for instance, if a parent or caregiver is more comfortable taking a holistic approach, the Hoboken Smile Specialists will take that into account and are open-minded to the needs of the patient. The practice is very conscious about infection control and proper training for staff, with every doctor and staff member CPR certified and aware of allergens, BPA-free tools, and radiation concerns.



Laser Frenectomies for Infant through Adults

Inspired by her own personal struggles with nursing an infant with posterior tongue tie, Dr. Kapoor sought to enhance her training in CO2 soft tissue laser. In addition to years of continuing education and achieving proficiency in laser dentistry, Dr. Kapoor had the pleasure of having one-on-one training by one of the experts in the field, Dr. Martin Kaplan, who provided additional pearls of wisdom. Dr. Kapoor is pleased to provide CO2 soft tissue laser dentistry using the renowned Light Scalpel to her patients and their families. This has been instrumental in her tongue tie/lip tie frenectomy procedures, improving breastfeeding in infants, speech, feeding and airway issues in toddlers, and adult postural/sleep problems.

Children and Adults

While the Hoboken Smile Specialists have a focus in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Kapoor and her team of board-certified specialists offer a safe and comfortable space for children and adults to receive routine cleanings, restorative treatments, interceptive orthodontics, and diagnostic and preventative dental care.

Dealing With Anxiety and Special Conditions

The practice pays special attention to behavior management with every patient, meaning they provide local anesthesia or laughing gas to patients who need it. Dr. Kapoor also is credentialed with Englewood Hospital to provide care for more difficult cases.


The Hoboken Smile Specialists have Orthodontist Dr. Valerie Chin on board, who is available to help children and adults alike with orthodontic concerns such as over/underbites, gaps in the teeth, or overcrowding. Dr. Chin not only provides suggestions for effective treatment, but also provides ways to prevent more serious problems in the future. The practice’s orthodontic services include metal braces, clear brackets, or Invisalign, as well as pre and post-treatment devices like palate expanders or retainers.


About Dr. Kapoor

Owner/founder of Hoboken Smile Specialists and local mom/resident, Dr. Radhika Kapoor boasts an impressive resume with extensive experience and passion for pediatric oral healthcare. Dr. Kapoor refined her education of child behavior and anxiety-reducing techniques by obtaining a degree in psychology with a focus on areas of child development from Barnard College. She then continued on to Columbia University to receive her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, so she’s not only certified in dental surgery, but also in child development and psychology {so yeah, she’s legit}. Her passion for her practice, patients, and the wellbeing of those with whom she works is evident upon meeting her. And we must say, judging by how stunning and welcoming the office is, her interior decorating skills are bar-none…


Learn more about Dr. Radhika and the Hoboken Smile Specialists here or give them a call 201-683-7018.

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