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Hoboken Barre Studio: Bar Method {A Review}

by Christina
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Not all workouts are created equal. We know because we recently tried Bar Method in Hoboken. The barre craze that started it all is here in town, and we couldn’t be happier. Bar Method – located on 86 River Street on the 2nd floor, is right across from the path. Are you looking to tone, tuck, and shake? Here’s our workout review of this gem:

^Bar Method Hoboken’s lovely studio view


The studio is clean and modern, and feels like a cross between a zen-like yoga studio, and an upbeat energy-inducing space. You’ll feel truly pampered from when you walk up the stairs to the studio. The space is super clean and organized, from the décor to the friendly staff checking each member in by first name [from memory: we asked]! There are two carpeted rooms for classes within the space.

^#barrebabe workout tanks to help you crush the class

The Class

Bar Method classes are tailored to a mixed level, and we certainly found that to be true. The class taken was their standard 60-minute workout, which was a mix of warm-up, weighted arm work with 2 and 3 pound weights {or more if you so choose}. Next, we moved onto thigh work and “seat” work, the cutest name for toosh tightening exercises! Our instructor, Marisa, kept the class engaging and exciting, and the hour long time moved by swiftly from section to section. Her ’90s old school “skating party music” kept us entertained and {trying to} forget about our shaking legs at the bar, which she continued to remind us “that’s where change happens!” The class ended with ab and core work, and Marisa wasn’t kidding. #damn.

^one of the two spacious studios for class at Bar Method

Difficulty Level: 7 out of 10

In this class, come prepared to sweat and tone every inch of your body with tiny movements, like “up an inch, down an inch.” You can expect lots of plank holds, push-ups, plies, and tucks. Don’t be alarmed if you hear your name a time or two [or five] throughout the class; the instructors call you out to modify for safety, injuries, and continually challenge you to give 110% {motivation}.

^our amazing, fun instructor, Marisa

Class Offerings

One thing we really loved about Bar Method is that they encourage you to reach a new level with every class. Every class is mixed level, to teach to beginners and regulars alike. When we asked Marisa her favorite thing about being an instructor in the Hoboken location, she explained, “We verbally and physically adjust clients to get them into their best form, to work their muscles as efficiently as possible. We also really want everyone to work to their potential, so we love building relationships with our clients to keep them motivated and engaged.” Besides the “basic” mixed level classes, Bar Method offers Bar Express class {45 minutes instead of 60} for a speedy toning session. They also offer Level 2 classes for after you take 10 mixed level classes, and Bar Move, a cardio, dance-based class for after students have taken 20 mixed level classes. Early birds can start tuckin’ at 6:00am, and night owls can pop in after work to end their day with a 7 or 7:30pm class, as well as many classes offered during the day and on the weekend.

^Pricing list {new clients only $15 for their intro class!}

Who goes?

The class is mostly women, but girls are welcome to bring boyfriends and husbands. If you’re looking for a place to meet some guys while sweating it out, this is probably not the spot — but wear your cutest outfit if you’re looking for a bite to each for brunch afterwards — it’s conveniently located right next to Cadillac Cantina and Texas Arizona.

^wine now, barre later

Have you been to Bar Method? What did you think?

PS: Use code HG2017 for 4 weeks of unlimited classes for $79 to our Hoboken Girl Deals Directory!

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