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Hoboken: A City for Small Businesses {Your Directory to Entrepreneurial Success}

by Brigette
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There’s so much in this city that helps foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Who knew that one square mile would have such an impact on my business? While I’ve had clients in NYC and across the country, Hoboken has been my favorite place of business. I want to share with you some of the great resources of Hoboken that have been such huge assets to my success!


Mission 50 | 2nd and Harrison

I call it a Starbucks that fosters collaboration. It’s a great place to plop down, get work done and safely go the bathroom without having to worry that your laptop is going to be stolen. Like-minded folk flow in and out of the space and you never know who you’ll sit next to! Plus, the owner, Greg Dell’Aquila, knows everyone and is always happy to make any connection you need.

Choc O Pain | 1st and Bloomfield

I mean, I’m not sure how anyone can’t love this place! Go up the stairs and you are transported to a small Parisian studio apartment. Free wi-fi and delicious pastries make this place a lovely 2nd home to work out of.

bwè kafe | 10th and Washington

This is a great uptown spot that isn’t starbucks. Wifi, yummy food and a friendly atmosphere that invites you to stay awhile.

Maroon | 7th and Willow

A nice mid-town location that offers free Wifi. It’s cash-only and cozy.

Starbucks | 12th and Hudson

Then there is the obvious, Starbucks. The uptown location is quiet {during the day, not on a Saturday morning, that’s for sure!} and has friendly staff to keep you company as you pound out your last blog post.

Caffe Bene  | 79 Hudson Street

This is a newer spot with a TON of space, located near the PATH.

La Bouche Cafe | 103 Garden Street

This is an adorable little French cafe that also boasts free wifi. Sip on some coffee and enjoy some french onion soup while working away on your laptop.


Editor’s note: City of Saints also has free wifi but it’s a tiny shop, so best for use in the spring/summer/fall when you can be outside!


Business Lunches/Dinner

La Bouche Cafe | 1st and Garden St

It’s cozy, local and delicious. Might not be the best place if you want privacy.

Elysian Cafe | 10th and Washington St

An uptown favorite.

The Cuban | 4th and Washington St

A great business dinner spot that has low lighting a good vibe. A delicious dinner and an excellent place to discuss future ventures.

The Malibu Diner | 14th and Park Ave

Free parking…need I say more?


Printing locations

Full House Printing | 1st and Court St

This is one of my go-to vendors. Larry is always accommodating and super friendly. Reasonable prices and excellent quality. If I have non-rush materials that need to be printed, Larry is always my first call.

Office Depot | Newark and Washington St

Friendly staff and great for quick prints on their color copier.

FedEx |  2nd and River St

Another fast method of getting your last minute prints.


Digital Advertising

This is basically the new way to advertise — since print is slowly dying. Digital banner ads, native sponsored content, and social media shares are a few of the fun ways to make it happen.

Bulletin Boards

Hoboken is lovely enough to have these big community bulletin boards on Washington Street every few blocks. While the board can often be a hot mess, it’s a free opportunity to try to catch the eye of a passerby.

Local Businesses

Some stores are happy to help other local businesses. Ask nicely and a store worker may allow you to tape up your flyer in their space.

Out of Home

Of course there are more expensive, larger impact advertising avenues like Path advertising, Bus Stops, NY Waterway that are always an option for larger budgets.


Editor’s note: To advertise with Hoboken Girl, email advertising@hobokengirl.com



Hoboken has a ton of publishers that may target the market you’re trying to reach. Being a contributor (Thanks Hoboken Girl!) or spending a few advertising bucks with one of these publishers can help with that.

Here are a few in the area:

Hoboken Girl  {haaaay!}


Hoboken INC

Hoboken Happy Hours

Hoboken Family Alliance

Lady Savant


The Digest

07030 Magazine

Hudson Reporter



Networking Groups

In a town this rich in creativity and drive, there are a bunch of great networking associations for you to check out.

New Jersey Young Professionals

Gold Coast BNI

NJ Tech Meetup

Hoboken Chamber of Commerce

The Hoboken Rotary Club

Hoboken Women’s Network

Women in Business Council

Women’s Networking Group


Accounting Services

Norton Financials

Brendan Norton is a local accountant and bookkeeper for small businesses.

Sara Laufer, CPA

Sara is a local accountant who specializes in small business entrepreneurs!

Business Partners

Anyone and everyone. It is really astonishing how many people in this little town can become a potential partner.

READ: A Guide to Choosing Your Business Partner


Hoboken Residents

While Hoboken’s demographics have changed in the recent years, the people here never cease to amaze me. They have been so supportive of these small businesses and do what they can to help build them up.


Thanks, Hoboken, for being so good to me!

I’m sure I’ve missed a ton I just don’t know about.

Do you have any other recommendations that have helped foster your business? Comment below!

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