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High Life, Low Budget: How to Book a {Cheap} Warm-Weather Getaway

by Lia
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Hoboken is great all year round, but when the skies are grey and there’s slush and ice on all the sidewalks {and in all the parking spots}, it’s not so fun. Not to mention you’re probably wearing leggings underneath jeans {and wool sweaters underneath other wool sweaters underneath a down jacket that goes to your knees…}, so you might get to the point where a break is much needed.


Here’s a tip: Every year in February or March, spend a few days somewhere warm, just so you can remember what NOT hating the weather feels like. Of course that can get expensive, especially since there’s really nowhere warm within driving distance. Below, a few tips on how to treat yourself to a warm-weather getaway without breaking the bank.

Be Flexible With the Days You Fly:

NYC overhead hoboken girl

You don’t want to use up too much vacation time, so it’s tempting to book your getaway over a weekend. But being flexible with your travel days can save you serious money. One easy trick… if you want to take a three or four day trip, instead of searching Friday through Monday, try Saturday through Tuesday. For whatever reason, those flights are often much cheaper, and it won’t cost you any extra vacation days.

Consider Non-Tropical Destinations

Charleston NC hoboken girl

^Charleston — still has sunshine and palm trees!

Sometimes you just really need to sit on a beach. But when you’re coming from 30 degree temperatures, it can also feel amazing to be somewhere with 60 or 70 degree temperatures — and you don’t have to go to the tropics to enjoy some warmth and sunshine. Warm {but not tropical} destinations that are a lot of fun to explore include Myrtle BeachAustin, New Orleans, Charleston, and Las Vegas.

*A bonus: your trip won’t be completely ruined if the weather doesn’t cooperate, since there’ll be plenty of things to do besides just spend time outside.*

Search Nearby Airports

If you’re looking to visit the Florida Keys or Miami, flights directly to those destinations can be super pricey. However, flying into Fort Lauderdale {only half-an-hour away} can be a much cheaper option. Fly into Fort Lauderdale, rent a car, and drive to your destination of choice.

*This also applies for outbound flights… it can be a total pain to get to LaGuardia or JFK from Hoboken when we have Newark Airport so close, but sometimes it can end up saving you hundreds of dollars.*

Use Hotwire and Air BNB


Hotwire is amazing for hotel rooms – you can search by star rating and neighborhood, and while you don’t know the actual name of the hotel until after you book, you can often make an educated guess by looking at where it’s located and cross-referencing the location and price with the listings on Hotels.com. It’s also good for car rentals that come at a cheap price. Airbnb is also great, especially if you’re traveling with kids – or a group of friends – and would need more than one hotel room. For larger groups in particular, Airbnb can end up being much cheaper than booking at a standard hotel.

So there you go… no excuse not to beat the winter blues and spend a few days somewhere more pleasant, especially when it’s totally possible to do it in an affordable way. Happy travels!

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