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Hoboken’s New Car Share and Rental App: Getaround

by Steph
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Car owners and non-car owners — you’re in luck, either way you slice it {ride it, if we’re being punny}. Hoboken now has a new peer-to-peer car sharing app called Getaround. This app offers an innovative way for people to make money off their parked car using peer-to-peer car sharing, allowing car owners to rent out their cars when they aren’t using them and earn money to offset the costs of ownership. If you don’t own a car but need one from time to time, you can rent cars from your neighbors for as low as $5 an hour, insurance and roadside assistance included in every trip. See below for an exclusive offer on your first rental. Here’s more about Getaround:

getaround app

What makes Getaround so innovative?

Other carsharing services add new cars to our already crowded city streets. Getaround takes a different, more sustainable approach by taking the cars that are already sitting parked on your block, and turning them into a shared, community resource. Studies have shown that by making better use of the cars already on the road, each car shared on Getaround takes 10 cars off the road.

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How to Put Your Car to Work [+ Make Some Extra $$]

Sign up here to start renting your car, and you’ll need to provide some details about your car to make sure it’s eligible. If your car qualifies, someone from the Getaround team will be in touch to help with the setup process and to schedule a time to have your car equipped with the Getaround Connect™.

Getaround Connect™ is the truly magical part about sharing your car on Getaround. It’s a small piece of hardware, installed under your dash that will let verified renters lock and unlock your car right from the app once their trip starts. This means you can be off enjoying your weekend, and your car can be back home making money.

Once your car has been connected, all you have to do is manage your car’s availability via a calendar in the Getaround app. You’ll get notifications each time your car is booked and all renters are covered by Getaround’s $1,000,000 insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Owners on Getaround are paid monthly with many owners earning over $500 each month — a great side gig, if you ask us. Click here to sign up your car.

getaround app

How to Rent a Car Through Getaround

Register online or via the app and search, rent, and unlock the vehicle of your choice using the app. The car will not unlock until the official time your trip starts, so if you book a trip that starts at 2PM, you will have access to unlock the car at exactly 2PM.

For the most part, every car on Getaround has a mileage limit of 200 miles per day or 25 miles per hour. Cars considered “specialty cars,” {like the Tesla Model S}, have a lower mileage limit of 100 miles per day. 

Exclusive Deal for HG Readers: $30 Toward Your First Getaround Rental

With hourly rates as low as $5/hour and no sign-up or membership fees, Getaround is more affordable than other Hoboken carsharing alternatives. And what’s better? Getaround is offering an EXCLUSIVE Deal for Hoboken Girl Readers: Get $30 towards your first rental with Getaround! Click here to redeem.

And Now, A Giveaway:

Head to our Instagram {@HobokenGirlBlog} to enter into our exclusive giveaway with Getaround. Get $30 if you tag a friend and like the picture {towards your first rental}. Then, swipe up for the link to take a 6-question survey and be entered into the Getaround contest for a $250 gift card to the Hoboken business of your choosing. Click here to take the survey and be entered automatically!

** This post is sponsored by Getaround.

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