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Dr. Park Avenue’s New Hoboken Location {+ Treatments}

by Briana
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One of Hoboken’s best kept secrets, Dr. Park Avenue, has moved to a brand new 1,500 square-foot, full service medical facility located at 80 River Street {right down the street from their old digs}. Their new spacious spot has four rooms for various {and some new!} treatments they offer — the IV Cinema, Aesthetic Room, Ice Box, and Skin Transformation Room. While Dr. Park Ave is one of Hoboken’s premiere botox destinations, it’s important to note that they are so much more than that, and their ultimate goal is to make patients not only look good, but feel good as well. We’re sharing all about the new space and the new services they’re offering, below:

dr park avenue hoboken

The New Space:

We had the pleasure of personally checking out their brand new space and were V impressed, to say the least. When meeting for a consultation and/or getting treatments like botox, cryotherapy, and the like, you want to be in a space that is clean and comfortable — and that’s exactly the feel the new space provides.

dr park ave hoboken

dr park avenue hoboken

LOVE the waiting room — cozy yet spacious, as it should be.

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Treatment Rooms:

Not only is the space itself gorgeous and inviting, but the rooms for specific treatments are each unique in their own way. Each room has a different purpose and offers unique treatments:

IV Cinema: A Dream for the Hungover

dr park avenue hoboken

Zap Fitness

dr park avenue hoboken

The name of the room says it all — a cinema {there is literally a flat screen TV playing movies} with two recliners where patients can hydrate and replenish their bodies with fluids and vitamins with specific IV Infusion cocktails. Each patient is treated with a customized saline bag that contains vitamins and minerals to treat their concerns, such as sports performance, fatigue, and hangovers — sign us up. Snacks and water are also provided for an extra boost.

Injection Room: Fillers, Plz

dr park avenue hoboken

This room is where injections such as botox and fillers are performed, as well as Smart Lipo consultations. Another bonus to note about the rooms — all doors are smoked for extra privacy {see below}.

dr park avenue hoboken


Skin Transformation Room: The Ultimate Zen Escape

dr park avenue hoboken

dr park avenue hoboken

Any skin treatments are done in the skin treatment room — clinical skin rejuvenation services helping issues such as Melasma and pigmentation disorders, acne and acne scars, and collagen remodeling and induction.

The room is a zen space filled with candles, crystals, and essential oils {you’ll feel calm the second you walk in and will want to lay down, promise}. In this room, patients receive medical-grade skin care treatments with a fusion of energetic medicine {like crystals} — the perfect combo for a unique and effective experience.

Ice Box: Cryrotherapy {In Style}

dr park avenue hoboken

The cryotherapy icebox chamber freezes to -180 degrees to heal the body of inflammation, soreness, and post-surgery rehabilitation. Cryotherapy is the leading recovery method for celebrities and athletes alike. While it is definitely cold in there, patients have explained that it is refreshing {especially when sore} and they often feel better almost immediately after.

dr park avenue

The room itself is also super chic with a white and icy look {pun intended}. 

dr park avenue hoboken


Convinced to pay a visit yet? If so, contact Dr. Park Avenue here or call their office at 201-942-9292 to get more information.

And if you’re ready to commit to a treatment, mention Hoboken Girl for 15% off any 1 filler. 

Dr. Park Avenue has three locations in New Jersey — Hoboken, Brick, and Franklin Lakes and services vary by location. The Hoboken location is located on 80 River Street on the 4th floor and is literally steps away from the PATH station.

This post is sponsored, but several members of the Team Hoboken Girl have visited Dr. Park Avenue for several different treatments and have all had the most wonderful of experiences. We also visited the new location ourselves and were truly impressed with the spacious layout, cleanliness, and as always, the friendliness of the staff and doctors.  

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