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The Dogs of Hoboken: Bailey {the Mini Australian Shepherd}

by Will
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Introducing our latest Hoboken dog on the blog, Bailey the mini-Aussie! Here’s this scoop on this blue eyed beauty.


“Bailey is a 5 month old red tri miniature Australian shepherd with the brightest blue eyes.” says her dad Matt. “She is beyond sweet and loves every person, dog, and squirrel she encounters. When she came home at 8 weeks, she weighed 9 lbs and today is already over 25 lbs.”


^That face when the belly rubs hit the spot! 🐶👍

She loves exploring all over Hoboken and is up to 5-6 miles of walking a day. She is loving the cold weather and goes crazy whenever there is snow on the ground. Her favorite way of getting attention is laying down literally on your feet. We got her from a wonderful breeder in Maine and she has brightened up our home since she arrived.”

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^The Hoboken dog life, the good life.

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Bailey Q & A

Favorite sleeping spot?

We recently caved and let her onto the sofa and she couldn’t be happier. She loves sleeping and cuddling on the sofa.

Favorite dog treat?

Anything that squeaks – she carries them around squeaking around the apartment.

Favorite human food?

Plain cooked chicken.

Favorite TV show?

Modern Family.


Squirrels – she has yet to catch one but hasn’t given up!

Best friend?

Any puppy that will chase her around the dog park.

Favorite Hoboken joint?

Cork City, where she pulls us towards on walks and is a regular.

Favorite naughty habit?

She loves playing with our shoes – she grabs them and runs around the apt trying to play keep away.

Scared of?

The vacuum – its the only noise that scares her.

Funny story?

She loves our socks and one time we found her sleeping in the closet in the sock bin covered with socks, she was the happiest puppy ever when we found her.


^What girl doesn’t like to do a little shopping? 

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