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Dog Rescue ‘No Dogs Left Behind’ Opening in Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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No Dogs Left Behind, a nonprofit dog rescue organization, is opening in Jersey City ― and is looking for volunteers.

The new location will be located at 10 Webster Avenue in Jersey City and will be opening end of March. A press release obtained by Hoboken Girl stated:

“No Dogs Left Behind, a global welfare organization, is opening its first USA Base Station right here in Jersey City! We are a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from slaughterhouses in China and then provides them with all necessary medical care, rehabilitates them and then flies them to the US to be adopted or fostered.  This Base Station, which will be an all-vegan location, will house up to nine rescued dogs, and will serve as the hub for our social media outreach as well as our junior volunteer program and fostering program.  We are currently recruiting volunteers of all ages from the Jersey City area, and all over New Jersey generally, to help No Dogs Left Behind fight the good fight with us in this global war against cruelty and a global fight for sustainability.” 

There are numerous ways to get involved with the award-winning nonprofit. Read on to learn what we know about the new rescue opening in Jersey City and what they hope to achieve.

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{Photo credit: No Dogs Left Behind Facebook}

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The Background

No Dogs Left Behind was founded by Jeffrey Beri in 2016 after successfully transporting 121 Yulin slaughterhouse survivors from China to the United States in a matter of eight months. This was a “historic rescue” that “no one had ever done before,” per NDLB’s website. Since then, Jeffrey and his team have been working hard from the corporate office in Fort Pierce, Florida and its three locations in China “to save dogs from being ruthlessly and inhumanely slaughtered for consumption.” The organization partners with local activists and international allies to obtain the resources needed to complete the rescue’s mission and also welcomes aid from anyone and everyone willing to help.

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“Until all of the dog meat trucks are empty, until every wire cage is destroyed, and until every slaughterhouse is shut down, No Dogs Left Behind will not stop fighting to end the dog meat trade in every corner of the world,” the website states. “Through the support of our generous donors our dogs receive, medical care, placement in our shelter, food, and eventually the transport needed to get them to their forever loving home. No Dogs Left Behind truly is a community of dedicated animal rights activists who believe in a cruelty-free and sustainable world.”

In December 2018, the nonprofit received an award from China’s Supreme Master Ching Hai’s association for food, medicine, and related experience, and received the Shining World Compassion Award that recognized NDLB as a group that exhibits “love, compassion, and gratefulness to all creatures on earth.”

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{Photo credit: No Dogs Left Behind Facebook}

How To Help

Below are various ways people from all over the world can get involved.

  • Donate: Monetary donations are accepted all year long via the website since the organization does not receive government funding or financial support. In addition, No Dogs Left Behind is looking for medical supplies, such as dewormer medicine, flea and tick treatments, and heartworm medicine. Nyla bones are also needed.
  • Sponsor a Dog: The team at NDLB is looking for sponsors who can either provide monthly donations {used for food, veterinary care, and routine vaccinations} or flight sponsorship {assisting in getting the dog on a plane to the U.S. and into a forever home}.
  • Foster a Dog: Fostering a dog allows the dog the chance at a home life environment prior to adoption. If interested, the foster director will choose the best dog for one’s family and lifestyle.

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{Photo credit: No Dogs Left Behind Facebook}

  • Purchase Merchandise: No Dogs Left Behind merchandise is available on the website. Visitors can find hoodies, T-shirts, leggings, hats, leashes, and more ― sales from all will go directly to the care and treatment of the dogs.
  • Volunteer: The organization has different ways people can volunteer. One option is by visiting a shelter as a tourist in China. The second is being a flight hero, in which you assist in bringing a dog back to the U.S. Lastly, people can volunteer at the Jersey City location upon opening.
  • Adopt: While thousands of dogs are rescued in China, the organization is looking for “everyday heroes like you to adopt and complete the mission. No rescue is finished until each dog finds a forever home.” Adoption rates start at $2,290 for dogs under 50 lbs and a crate size of 80 cm or smaller.

For more information, visit No Dogs Left Behind’s website found here, and to volunteer at the Jersey City Shelter, email [email protected].

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