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Playful Paws Hoboken Welcomes AKC-Certified Groomer

by Hoboken Girl Team
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All dog owners, lovers, and walkers {even the haters} can appreciate the importance of a good wash and groom. Owning a dog, especially in Hoboken or Jersey City, means dusty dog parks, dirty sidewalks, and the frequent passerby stopping for a quick pet. Aside from the hygienic factor, getting your dog groomed is also important for their health and well-being. While cute, cuddly, and amazing companions, we all know pups love to get into trouble — taking them to get groomed acts as a “wellness check” that’s needed to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. Enter: Playful Paws grooming salon, a Hoboken dog grooming service in Hoboken — located at 614 Jefferson Street.

playful paws hoboken dog grooming

A mainstay dog walking and boarding service in Hoboken, Jersey City, and beyond, Playful Paws USA was founded in 2013 by owner Erika Shah. Following the success of their dog-walking business {they now have over 30 walkers in the area!}, Playful Paws grooming salon opened its doors in late August, 2018. They recently added a new member to their team, an experienced and passionate groomer who you will want to book an appointment with immediately. Keep reading to learn more about her + their services.

About Daria: Playful Paws Newest Addition

^^ Your dog will be looking forward to spa days with Daria! ^^

The newest member of the team, Daria Rieker, has been grooming dogs, cats, and other animals for over 5 years, all over New Jersey. Daria has many certifications, including the admired & respected AKC certification. She also became an AKC Safety Certified Groomer more than 2 years ago. The AKC believes that safety in a pet grooming salon is priority, and it’s become an increasingly genuine concern that the team at Playful Paws takes seriously. The AKC has specifically designed its AKC S.A.F.E (Safety, Assurance, Fundamentals, Education) Grooming Program to support the grooming industry’s work through education. The class extensively covers handling techniques, sanitation and diseases, and safety guidelines for tub restraints, cage dryers, and even wattage of outlets + keeping the floor clear of hair and debris. You’ll be pleased to know that the first and foremost rule is to always treat animals humanely. {something we support!}

Back in April, Daria took the first available AKC Handling Certification. This class focuses on holding techniques, {which is harder than it sounds — try clipping a pugs nails!} young animals, seniors, and certain breeds, as they all have to be handled differently. Daria also has a color certification from the Creative Groomers Association, so she can safely and correctly dye your dogs fur another color if it’s requested.  {The Hoboken Halloween Parade might get a glow-up this year}. Daria is CPR/ First Aid certified, so besides handling and grooming your pup properly, they are also in safe hands with her. Daria is most proud of completing the first part of a Certified Pet Aesthetician course, the only dermatology treatment course available without a biology degree, and will be heading to Arizona to graduate soon. Dog grooming is not an easy job, as it is physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding, and Daria attests that it’s the hardest job she ever had. “It took several years for me to say ‘I am a professional dog groomer’, and now I can’t image doing anything else.” Daria is excited to be in Hoboken and can’t wait meet all your dogs + cats!

^^ Daria with an XL friend on a walk ^^

The entire staff at Playful Paws treat each dog with the utmost care and respect and are more than capable of servicing nervous, elderly, or fragile pups. The salon is fully insured and all of their pet care providers are insured, bonded, and undergo a thorough background check before starting any service {this goes for their groomers, owners, and walkers alike}. The salon also boasts 100% cage-free drying and the holding areas are large and open-aired to ensure your dog’s full comfort.


playful paws dog grooming hoboken

^^ Butters getting groomed, super calm and if we must say, a very good boy


Playful Paws is a full-service grooming salon, offering full grooms {including bath, deep conditioning, ear cleaning, teeth spray, and nail file, and clip} and single services {basic bath, nail clipping, and pads}. They also offer add-ons and a la carte options, which include (but not limited to) teeth brushing, de-matting, and de-shedding.


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Playful Paws offers training, boarding, and pet sitting services to the Hoboken, Jersey City, and Weehawken areas. Their grooming hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10AM-7PM.

To contact or learn more about Playful Paws USA, click here or give them call them at 844-729-7227. You can also reach them via email at info@playfulpawsusa.com — make sure to mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ when you do to cash in on the exclusive HG deal!

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**This post is sponsored by Playful Paws USA, but after visiting and seeing how the team cares for the pups, a bunch of us at Team HG will be sending our four-legged friends there!

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