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VepoClean: A Unique and Tech-Forward Cleaning Service in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Hoboken Girl Team
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A clean home can positively impact a person’s life and overall well-being in many ways — from reduced stress and improved mental + physical health to better sleep and enhanced productivity. With the school year ramping up and the holidays approaching, it’s not always easy to fit in a deep clean, let alone to have it done on a regular basis. Luckily, residents of Hoboken, Jersey City, and the surrounding areas have VepoClean — a professional cleaning service that rejuvenates homes using all-natural and organic products, with elevated cleaning methods that use cutting-edge technology. VepoClean does not use dry vacuums, brooms, and dusters — instead it uses unique cleaning technology that relies on water to trap dirt, dust, and debris while eliminating air-borne pollutants and odors. It also incorporates aromatherapy — a luxurious extra touch to take the ‘so fresh and so clean’ vibe up a few notches, to put it mildly. Keep reading to learn more about this luxurious and professional cleaning company in the Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, and greater Hudson County area — and for an exclusive offer for HG readers to get a serious freebie.


When you’re looking for a cleaning service in the Hoboken and Jersey City area, it’s rare to find both serious attention to detail and a luxurious experience combined with all-natural and organic products — but VepoClean literally does just that, and then some.

VepoClean found a gap in the market around the ‘feel’ of 5-star hotel experience between his travels. The cleaning service he launched has become a go-to home cleaning expert in Hoboken and Jersey City for almost a decade.

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VepoClean tailors the home cleaning experience to fit the aesthetics and ambiance of your space. Aromatherapy is just a part of the VepoClean experience that makes your home not only look immaculate, but also smell delightful. Clients can select a complimentary fragrance, such as lavender, lemongrass, or eucalyptus, that will be used to enhance the cleaning process and leave your home feeling safe and welcoming 1-2 days after the cleaning.

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To make your home smell amazing at all times, even between cleanings, VepoClean has recently introduced the new Mozart Diffuser —  ideal for small spaces such as homes and apartments.

Lucky for you, we have an exclusive — and it is all about home scenting (hello, tech-forward diffusers!) and a seriously clean house:

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The VepoClean Difference

Vacuums, brooms, and dusters are the norm, but these tools end up spreading more dust than they collect.

VepoClean uses a cutting-edge cleaning system that uses water to trap hair, dust, and dirt.  The system actually refreshes your space and helps you breathe easier — just like you would after a fresh rainfall.


Trapping dust in water means there are fewer pollutants available to be inhaled which can improve your health and wellbeing. Furniture is also safe from mites and, since dust is trapped instead of settling back on surfaces, less frequent cleanings are required.

Second: They employ two dedicated Quality Control Supervisors in the field to enforce their quality standards. We think that this type of commitment to quality and customer experience is truly remarkable.


Third – A Dedicated Client Happiness Team means you will always have a live person to speak with during business hours via phone, text, or email.

Fourth – Commitment to their process. Our associate noticed that nothing they did in her home was random. Instead, every move was methodical and had purpose. This professional conduct reflected on quality and efficiency of service.

Finally – A Cleaning Academy. They’ve demonstrated that constant training, certification, and background check process pays huge dividends on quality and trust.


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VepoClean Services

The attention to detail, pristine quality, and all-natural products help create a safe, spa-like environment in your home — which is what we all want, at the end of the day. Plans range from occasional cleaning to resort-like daily housekeeping.

VepoClean services also include IICRC-Certified carpet and upholstery cleaning which can be combined with professional maid services. IICRC certification guarantees that the staff receives up-to-date training in industry best practices and these services can help extend the life of your furniture and carpet. The result is clean carpets and upholstery that look and smell amazing.

With VepoClean’s luxury hotel-inspired home scenting product such as Mozart waterless diffuser, clients can transform their home into a soothing haven that is safe for children, pets, and furniture with waterless nano-mist technology, an intelligent remote control, and a sophisticated aluminum design.


This elegant, cutting-edge nanotechnology works great in spaces up to 1,000 sq ft with a remote-controlled fragrance intensity. VepoClean has four scent options — Signature (Leather, Cardamon, and Lemon), Arabian Nights (Bergamot, Sandalwood, and Oud), Luxury Bliss (Bergamot, Lemon, and Lemongrass), and Black Velvet (Lemon, Bergamot, and Black Fig).  Team HG is a big fan of the Arabian Nights scent.

Deep cleaning, move-in or move-out, and anti-bacterial disinfection services are also available for homes, apartments, and offices in Hoboken, Jersey City, and the surrounding areas.

New clients will receive an expert assessment so the team can develop a customized cleaning plan tailored to your unique needs. Transparent quotes are provided upfront and the team is happy to discuss every factor that influences the price.

The client management team, cleaning captains, and on-the-ground quality control team ensure that each cleaning project meets the high standards and hotel-like quality that VepoClean clients have come to expect.


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About VepoClean

VepoClean was created to bring luxurious hotel experience to select neighborhoods in Hoboken, Jersey City, and the surrounding area. Unlike other home cleaning services, VepoClean provides a comprehensive home care solution inspired by top-tier luxury hotels.

The professional cleaning service specializes in tailoring home cleaning, including carpet + upholstery care solutions. VepoClean’s services enhance both the aesthetics and ambiance of your home, ensuring it not only looks its best, but also smells its best.


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Don’t forget that you can receive a FREE Mozart diffuser with a 6-month subscription of a weekly, bi-weekly, or value cleaning plan when you mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ until October 13th, 2023.

VepoClean serves Hoboken, Jersey City, and select neighborhoods in the surrounding area. You can call or text 201-474-3133 or with questions or request a quote online.

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