Where to Buy a Menorah in Hoboken + Jersey City

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Hanukkah begins on Sunday, December 22nd this year and if you’re in the market for a new menorah {but still want to shop small}, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re buying your first one, replacing one, or gifting one, these local shops {though there aren’t many, unfortunately} have a variety of menorahs and Hanukkah decorations for purchase. Check out where to buy a menorah in Hoboken + Jersey City:

washington general store

^^ The Hanukkah set up at Washington General Store — so cute!

Hudson Paperie {312 Washington Street, Hoboken}

The store has a small selection of Hanukkah goodies, including menorahs and other Hanukkah-specific decor, as well as more general winter-themed items that will definitely look right at home with the rest of your Hanukkah decorations.

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Washington General Store {509 Washington Street, Hoboken}

One of our favorite places to shop for everything Hoboken, Washington General Store offers various different styles of menorahs, as well as candles and other Hanukkah decor {including, treats for your pets!}.

West Elm {1420 Willow Avenue, Hoboken}

West Elm is a one-stop-shop for all things home right here in Hoboken. This year, the Willow Avenue store is selling menorahs — stop by for a menorah, leave with a new throw pillow for your couch {we won’t judge}.

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Kanibal & Co {197 Montgomery Street, Jersey City}

Kanibal & Co is a great spot located on Montgomery Street for all your holiday needs. Stop by to pick up a menorah and other fun items they have to offer this year.

Covetables {372 Pacific Avenue, Jersey City}

This home retail boutique and art gallery is selling menorahs this year, however, there are only a few left in stock, so be sure to pick yours up ASAP.

Chabad Young Professionals of Hoboken and Jersey City

Chabad Young Professionals of Hoboken and Jersey City is offering Hanukkah menorah and candle kits, available for pickup from Soho Lofts in Jersey City {273 16th Street} or drop off, courtesy of CYP. If interested, please email director@chabadyounghjc.com {and tell them we sent you!}.

Know of any other local shops to buy a menorah? Share with us in the comments below and we’ll add them!

Happy Hanukkah from team HG! <3

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