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Birch Gelateria Debuts in Hoboken {Annnd There’s Rosé Sorbet}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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When it comes to an actual ice cream parlor in Hoboken, it’s safe to say that the Mile Square is lacking a bit in that area {besides your chain spots, that is}. So, when we heard Birch Hoboken was expanding its milkshake + burger event space to include a gelateria and creamery, we were so excitedHere’s a little preview of the space {which is open as of today!}:

Birch is located at 92 River Street and has quickly taken the downtown space by storm with its uber-popular monster milkshake creations {which you may remember from our post here}. Gary Yip, one of Birch’s owners {and the creative force behind the bar/restaurant’s unique menu items} shared that they have gradually been expanding their menu to include dairy-free açai bowls, salads, sandwiches, and now their newest venture: a gelateria within the space.

^A peek inside the gelato situation happening at Birch as of this week.

At the gelateria, they have a variety of flavors {all made from scratch with pure ingredients} and some vegan options {sorbets}, as well as ice cream sandwiches and — get this — alcohol-infused sorbet!

The Station Hoboken
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^Your life just got a little bit sweeter {and perhaps more tipsy… there’s ROSÉ and MIMOSA SORBET}. 

Zap Fitness

^Toppings for gelato + sorbet. Liking that they’re heavy on the cereal — major props.

But, like any foodie destinations, it’s not about the presentation {although that’s pretty important, too} — it’s about the ingredients. Gary shared that the gelateria’s 15-18 flavors that will be served are all made from scratch {he has a certificate from the Gelato and Pastry Institute of America after all}, and to prove it, we followed him into the kitchen to see some mango sorbet creation in action. See below:

^Started with chopped mango, now we’re here.

^Adding just simple syrup and water mixture to the fresh mango.

^A quick blend in the mixer and then pop the blended mango into the batch freezer.

^And voila! Mango sorbet! So fresh. 

Not just saying this because we love Birch, but DAMN — the mango sorbet was amazing. You can almost taste the chunks of mangoes and how fresh the ingredients are. As far as the other flavors, *HIGHLY* recommend are the pistachio, mint chocolate chip, amarean cherry, and the lemon sorbet {the alcohol-infused rosé sorbet and the mimosa sorbet go without saying}. This isn’t your average sorbet either, as the alcohol can be tasted and will definitely give you a little buzz after a full cup. Not mad about it… not mad at all. The flavors will stay pretty consistent, but they’ll vary them based on ingredient availability and demand. He said so far the pistachio, cake batter, and mango have been the most popular.

^Sangria popsicles, nbd.

To continue the dessert + alcohol trend, we muuust mention the sangria popsicle situation that is also happening at the Birch Gelateria. Now, these bad boys are no joke, as they are also alcohol-infused {they actually pack a little vino punch with fruit + wine blended together and frozen}. Let’s just say if you’re craving a popsicle, you should also hand over your keys or take an Uber home.

Mint choc chip ice cream sandwiches + cannoli cakes are also on the menu. Birch hosts parties upstairs in their events space, so they’re able to create custom ice cream cakes for guests upon request. In fact, we’ll be hosting an end of summer party with them August 23rd upstairs — so SAVE THE DATE.

Birch is owned by Hoboken Hospitality, which also owns CocoHavana in Hoboken — and it’s clear they’re dedicated to creating unique spaces in downtown Hoboken, now fondly called “The Railhead District”. Gary shared with us, “The mission behind Hoboken Hospitality is to set a standard of experience which includes food, drinks, and atmosphere where guests can come to expect a high level of product and service by any venue owned and operated by Hoboken Hospitality.” Between milkshakes, gelato, and sangria popsicles, it’s safe to say they’re pretty well on their way to #killingit in the gelato/unique dessert game.

PS: Next week they’ll have an espresso machine creating affogatos {ice cream + coffee}. Afternoon pick-me-up turned happy hour, here we come.


Have you been to Birch? What did you think?



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