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Midtown East’s Best Ramen Noodle Spots {Based on Your Ramen Cravings}

by Marley
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A hankering for a Japanese lunchtime fix grows insatiable, especially in the colder winter months. Lucky for us, Midtown East just happens to have a ton of pilgrimage-worthy ramen joints. All you need is a quick PATH ride to 33rd street, and you’re in noodle heaven. Here are three ramen noodle spots you’ll want to slurp noodles at — and come back for seconds.

1. Hide-Chan Ramen {Best Pork}

Located at 52nd between 2nd and 3rd, this is a rather renowned cash-only spot owned by Bobby Munekata of Yakitori Totto. It’s part of a franchise started in Japan, which specializes in classic pork-broth ramen. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you notice these masks watching you while you eat.


For climbing the stairs and bringing cash, you’ll be rewarded with noodles made to order. You can have your noodles very firm, firm, medium, or soft…and either wavy or straight (the below photo is wavy). Choose your ramen from THIS MENU. I cannot stay away from spicy variations so you’re looking at the Spicy Garlic Ramen below.

The real differentiator at this place? The best sliced pork. It’s HEAVEN. Not too fatty. It just melts in your mouth.


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2. Totto Ramen {Best Broth}

The cousin of Hide-Chan, DIRECTLY downstairs, is Totto Ramen. This popular cash-only place also specializes in pork broth ramen. We were not asked how we’d like our noodles…but we were delighted by the flavor of the broth here. Literally can’t get enough. Totto actually has SIX locations (3 in NYC, 1 even in Boston!) so if you don’t happen to be in Midtown East, you’re not totally out of luck.

Below is the Spicy Paitan Ramen with pork. Important note – they do NOT do “doggie bags”. So be prepared to consume as much ramen as you can in one sitting. Twist my arm.

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3. Nikai Ramen at Treehaus {Serious Local Eats}

This is for the guy or gal who works in the area. Tourists? No. This is serious work-time ramen. Nikai is situated in the upstairs seating area at Treehauslocated 51st and 3rd. Just climb the stairs and look for the counter where they’re steadily making fresh noodles and sushi burritos (sushi burritos…for another post).


There are only a few different types of ramen to choose from but what I love is the broth is a bit lighter with just as much flavor, and doesn’t weigh you down.  I usually get chicken instead of pork, which is juicy and amaze. They make it to-go AND…it’s not cash-only! YAY!


Do you have a favorite ramen spot in NYC’S Midtown? We wanna know! Comment below.

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