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Best of Hoboken + Jersey City {2017} — Your Vote Needed!

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We’re one step closer to revealing the Best of Hoboken 2017! It’s one of our most-anticipated posts and activities every year, and we can’t believe it’s already that time again— we see you, 2018. While we’re already planning exciting things for 2018, first we have to wrap up this year. Now it’s time to VOTE!

Below, the finalists in thanks to your nominations {we received a little over a thousand nominations}, it’s time for the final stage of voting before the big reveal. Below, we’ve narrowed down the very hefty list we received to the top three businesses in 47 {lulzzz — concise, we know} categories total for Hoboken and Jersey City. From the best spot for a late-night craving to the best mani/pedi or fave local influencer, there’s a lot of top-notch people and businesses contributing to this place we call home, and it’s time to show them the support and recognition they deserve. And of course, you have to vote for the big mystery category — the best breakout business of the year in Hoboken and Jersey City {the anticipation is killing us}.

You can vote once per day through December 14th at 11:59PM.

The holiday hustle is almostttttt in full gear, so make sure to cast your ballot before you forget so your voice is heard. And if you’ve been wondering what the hot spots are around town, these polls are the best way to start.Your new go-to hair salon, pizza spot, or wine bar might just be a few scrolls away. We can’t thank our readers enough for your expert input. This poll is by you and for you.

We’ll announce the winners in each category after December 15th. Happy voting!

Here are the finalists for Hoboken {38 total}:

[totalpoll id=”53716″] [totalpoll id=”53718″] [totalpoll id=”53720″] [totalpoll id=”53722″] [totalpoll id=”53724″] [totalpoll id=”53726″] [totalpoll id=”53728″] [totalpoll id=”53730″] [totalpoll id=”53732″] [totalpoll id=”53734″] [totalpoll id=”53736″] [totalpoll id=”53738″] [totalpoll id=”53740″] [totalpoll id=”53742″] [totalpoll id=”53744″] [totalpoll id=”53746″] [totalpoll id=”53748″] [totalpoll id=”53750″] [totalpoll id=”53752″] [totalpoll id=”53754″] [totalpoll id=”53756″] [totalpoll id=”53758″] [totalpoll id=”53760″] [totalpoll id=”53762″] [totalpoll id=”53764″] [totalpoll id=”53766″] [totalpoll id=”53768″] [totalpoll id=”53770″] [totalpoll id=”53772″] [totalpoll id=”53774″] [totalpoll id=”53776″] [totalpoll id=”53778″] [totalpoll id=”53780″] [totalpoll id=”53782″] [totalpoll id=”53784″] [totalpoll id=”53786″] [totalpoll id=”53788″] [totalpoll id=”53790″]

Here are the finalists for Jersey City {9 total}:

[totalpoll id=”53714″] [totalpoll id=”53712″] [totalpoll id=”53710″] [totalpoll id=”53708″] [totalpoll id=”53706″] [totalpoll id=”53704″] [totalpoll id=”53702″] [totalpoll id=”53700″] [totalpoll id=”53792″]


Thanks for your vote! There are so many amazing businesses here — we wish we could include them all! Results will be in on December 15th.


Don’t see a category listed? Drop us a note: hello@hobokengirl.com so we can start thinking of our 2018 list — it’s never too soon to start planning.

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By day, Tamara is an editor at a women's magazine, but in her free time, she runs her own fashion blog and helps out with Hoboken Girl. Otherwise, you can catch her ‘gramming like it's her job, checking out the cutest spots to eat and drink and redeeming herself at spin class later. Oh, and if you’re curious about Kylie Lip Kits, she’ll happily show you her collection.

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