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Babka Bailout: A Mission to Help a Friend in Need Through Delicious Treats

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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As many of us know and have even experienced first-hand, COVID-19 has changed the lives and livelihoods of thousands if not millions. Michal Prevor, a Jersey City resident, saw a friend struggling as a direct effect of the pandemic, and couldn’t bear the thought of her potentially losing everything she’s ever known after being laid off from work, so she jumped straight into action to do help. Read on to learn all about this family’s new baking company and their mission, called ‘Babka Bailout.’

About Michal

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Michal Prevor lived in Hoboken for 12 years and recently moved to Jersey City. She is of Israeli descent but grew up on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, and if that wasn’t amazing enough, she speaks Hebrew and Spanish fluently. Michael has two daughters and used to design children’s clothing.

Before the pandemic, Michal was the President of Zotexa, a manufacturer of agricultural products, that required her to travel ten days out of the month, and now Michal has dedicated her free time to helping her housekeeper Carmen, and giving back to the community through baking babkas!

The Beginning of Babka Bailout

babka bailout hoboken

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When Carmen, Michal’s housekeeper lost her job, she quickly sprung into action. “Carmen has been working with me for seven years. I couldn’t imagine not knowing how I would pay rent or provide for my children. I put myself in her shoes and couldn’t sleep until I found a solution or an idea of something I could try to help with,” Michal told Hoboken Girl.

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A babka is a sweet braided bread or cake that originated in the Jewish communities of Poland and Ukraine. “Usually if there was leftover dough from challah, it was smeared with chocolate and this became known as babka. Both my grandmothers are Polish and one of my grandfathers is from Ukraine. It must be in my DNA to bake babkas!” Michal said.

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How did she learn to make it? Well, her husband had a passion for baking and during quarantine, he was baking challah and babkas and we were giving them to friends. “All our friends couldn’t stop complimenting him. When I found out Carmen was in need, I told him he needs to teach me how to make them so I can sell them to help her,” she said. And just like that, Babka Bailout was born.

“Over quarantine and during the summertime, it was a big family effort. My eldest Ariel {16} took over all the logistics, deliveries, and customer service. My youngest, Amelie {13} learned how to make babka balls and was in charge of braiding. Both of them came up with a fun flavor, Ariel suggested we add ‘Nutella Oreo’ which became a big hit and Amelie suggested our ‘Cereal Milk’ babka which customers are obsessed with,” she explained.

The Future of Babka Bailout

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The babkas have become such a hit that Michal and her family now bake weekly to keep up with the demand and most importantly, are able to provide Carmen with a stable income.

“Now I am also able to make other small donations to other organizations such as Bakers Against Racism as well as send money to helping families in Honduras {Carmen’s family is from there},” says Michal.

“I have never done anything that feels as right as Babka Bailout. While it has given me the opportunity to help a fellow mom, my entire family has been given the gift of a meaningful endeavor during these challenging times,” says Michael. She referred to a quote, “Often we set out to make a difference in the in the lives of others only to discover we have made a difference in our own”

How to Purchase + Support

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Customers can purchase some of this delicious babka by DM’ing Michael on the company’s IG page at @babkabailout. Delivery is available in Hoboken and in Jersey City. Pickup is also an option.  Jersey City’s Hybrid Coffee located at 110 Cambridge Avenue is also selling Michal’s babkas, so stop by if you’re in the area!

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