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Anxiety + Eating Disorders: Where to Get Help in Hoboken

by Hoboken Girl Team
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A healthy community, inside and out, is possible when individuals take the time to prioritize their overall health, especially when navigating the challenges of life. From becoming a new parent, starting a new job, or moving into a new home, Lukin Center for Psychotherapy specializes in working with you through all life changes, no matter how big or small. The team at Lukin Center for Psychotherapy, with locations in Hoboken, Jersey City, Montclair, Ridgewood, Englewood, and Westfield, is currently running a virtual support group for mothers struggling with anxiety and other issues that people face as new parents. And for those looking for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence-based therapy treatments, Lukin Center has a plethora of highly-trained therapists that can help with issues such as eating disorders. Keep reading to learn more about the mental health services available at Lukin Center, how to join the Moms group, and the special offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

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Recently Launched: Anxiety Solutions for New Parents

In the Moms Anxiety Group at the Lukin Center, participants discuss how being a mother challenges individuals in a unique way. The virtual group learns more about anxiety and how to develop skills for managing this emotion using cognitive and behavioral strategies. If you are a mother struggling with overwhelming worries, consider joining the educational and supportive group call on Fridays from 12:15PM to 1:30PM run by perinatal specialist, Dr. Andrea Tesher.

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Eating Disorders: How Lukin Center Can Help

Challenging life experiences can sometimes lead to disordered eating, unhealthy relationships with food, and poor body image. These struggles impact so many women and men of all ages and sizes which is why the staff at the Lukin Center have made it a focus of their practice. 

One approach to treatment is Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which is an evidence-based treatment that focuses on how thoughts influence feelings and behaviors. 

Step-by-step CBT guides have been created to work specifically with BED and include techniques such as food monitoring, identifying alternative activities to engage in when feeling an urge to binge, and exposure to avoided food exercises. 

CBT can also address concerns about body image and weight. Other approaches to helping individuals work on their relationship with food and body image include mindful eating, intuitive eating, or attuned eating. These methods promote listening to internal physical and emotional signals for determining needs for food.

You can contact the Lukin Center by calling 201-409-0348 for more information.

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Mental Health Services at Lukin Center

Clients at Lukin Center can expect to receive individual and couples therapy with compassionate and qualified therapists, medication management with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, and neuropsychological evaluations with trained psychologists.

“We do presentations and discussions at local community events to help educate the community on mental health issues. We also provide mental health education through YouTube videos, social media, and a podcast. We are committed to helping better the mental health of the community through direct and indirect services,” Dr. Lukin told Hoboken Girl.

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Dr. Konstantin Lukin and Dr. Paula Yanes-Lukin

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The practice provides the latest in evidence-based, heavily researched methodologies, so you can put science on your side as you work toward the positive change you want.  Dr. Lukin personally matches every patient with a clinician who has the right mix of skills, training, and personality for the best outcomes possible. Through this process, clients can develop a meaningful, productive rapport with a professional they can trust.

“As the largest mental health practice in the area, we offer more services and treatment modalities than any other provider. From evaluations to therapy to medication management, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need, even if your needs change,” Dr. Lukin shared. “Lukin Center clinicians must maintain the highest possible degrees and certifications in their fields. So you can work with an experienced, vetted expert who knows the best way to help.”

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The Dedicated Team at Lukin Center

Lukin Center for Psychotherapy was founded in 2014 by Dr. Konstantin Lukin and Dr. Paula Yanes-Lukin. As a family-owned practice, the team at Lukin Center takes pride in providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere so each patient feels at home when they visit. There are six locations throughout northern New Jersey, including:

80 River Street, Suite 302, Hoboken

277 Grove Street, Suite 202, Jersey City

51 Upper Montclair Plaza, Montclair

20 Wilsey Square Ridgewood

60 Grand Avenue, Suite 104, Englewood

128 South Euclid Avenue, Westfield

The goal at Lukin Center is to inspire healthier communities through compassionate, evidence-based mental health treatment; science-driven education; and trusted accessible resources.

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For those local to Hudson County, Lukin Center is located at 80 River Street, Suite 302 in Hoboken, and 277 Grove Street, Suite 302 in Jersey City. Prospective clients can call 201-409-0345 or email drlukin@lukincenter.com with questions. Don’t forget to mention Hoboken Girl to redeem a FREE mental health consultation.

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