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Accent on Résumés Expands Its Resume Services to Hoboken + Jersey City

by Morgan Gertler
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Putting together a great résumé is almost a job in itself — let alone trying to get a hiring manager’s attention in a sea of applicants can be frustrating and stress-inducing. And with many people looking for work right now, it’s normal if you feel a bit overwhelmed with the process. But having your resume stand out isn’t an impossible feat — there are actually companies that specialize in helping do just that. Accent on Résumés is a family-owned and operated company in Hoboken that helps job seekers get noticed by the companies they want to work for.

With many people looking for new work opportunities and exploring different careers, it’s a great time to spruce up your résumé and make sure it stands out. Accent on Résumés is offering Hoboken Girl readers a 10% discount on services — all you have to do is mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ when scheduling an appointment. Keep reading to learn why working with a professional could help you land your dream job.

Exclusive Offer:
Get a 10% discount on services when you mention ‘Hoboken Girl’. Just call 347-404-8458 or fill out this form to get started.

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Accent on Résumés has been providing custom, quality résumés for over 30 years. The company was founded by Samantha Cuddihy’s parents, who now runs the company. Samantha has recently expanded to our Mile Square to better service the New Jersey and NYC metro area. “I’ve lived in Hoboken for six years now and I love the sense of community and the dedication of the residents to our city. Everyone is so supportive of small businesses and committed to making our city a safe, fun, and thriving place to live,” Samantha told us when talking about the expansion from being solely a Long Island-based company.

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The company has written over 15,000 résumés to date, and has experience in every industry as well as every career level, from interns to CEOs. Besides specializing in résumés and cover letters, it also offers reference sheets, CVs, letters of resignation or acceptance, and everything in between.

When we asked Samantha what she loves most about doing this work, she told us, “Our greatest joy as résumé writers is hearing from our clients once they land that job! There’s no better feeling than helping someone else achieve their goals.”

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What You Can Expect

There are a lot of résumé writing businesses out there, but Accent on Résumés stands apart from competitors due to its interview process and customized work.

Unlike some websites where you upload your current résumé and receive a cookie-cutter layout in return, Accent on Résumés spends a lot of time learning about each client. Samantha takes as much time as is needed to interview clients and understand the scope of their experience as well as their future career goals. This allows for custom résumés to be tailored and geared towards the specific positions each person is applying for. Your résumé will be complete with highlights of relevant experience, qualifications, and skills to position you as a top candidate. Every résumé is unique and created to help clients to land them their dream job.

Interviews can take place over the phone, too. There’s no need to travel to have a great résumé — Samantha and her team can get everything they need from you via a phone call. This also allows them to work with job seekers who are not local to the NY metro area.

Just recently the team worked with a local Hobokenite who works in the recruiting industry. The résumé updates led to multiple interviews and a job offer with a leading firm in the client’s industry of choice.

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Get Started With An Exclusive Offer

You can schedule an interview by filling out this form or calling 347-404-8458. And make sure to mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ to receive 10% off your services. Accent on Résumés primarily works with job seekers in the Long Island, NYC, and Hoboken area but takes on national and even international clients as well.

PS: And then once you’ve completed your resume updates, take a look at our jobs page to find the perfect fit {and post on our candidates’ page!}.


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