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A Dinner Party With Alcohol Delivery: The Drizly App {Comes to Hoboken}

by Kate Lombardo
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Planning a dinner party in Hoboken is no small task. While stores are all within walking distance, carrying everything needed for a fun night isn’t always so easy.  Services like Peapod, FreshDirect, and Shoprite Home Delivery have all alleviated the challenge of getting tons of groceries from the food store to your home, but alcohol is a different story… until now.

Meet Drizly, the “Uber” app for alcohol delivery.


I recently held a small homemade pizza dinner party for a group of friends and had the chance to try out the new app. Drizly allows you to order alcohol and have it delivered to your home in under an hour {think Uber for alcohol}. As someone who’s done the walk from Sparrow uptown to my apartment on 10th and Madison- trust me, this was way easier. Using this app to order the half case of wine I needed for the party saved a ton of time {and sore muscles!}. Check out all the details on how to use the app below!

Drizly is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. After downloading, I opened the app and was prompted to allow for push notifications {which I always decline} and location tracking services. Make sure you allow them to track your location: this is how they figure out what alcohol is available in your area. Once you allow the tracking, the app will automatically locate you, or at least get relatively close, as they did in my case.

drizly hoboken girl 1

Harborside Sport + Spine
Snap Fitness JC

After entering the exact address, the app opens to the home screen featuring popular items and a link to view current “Super Buys.”  I knew we wanted wine for the dinner party and quickly found the wine icon at the bottom of the screen.

drizly hoboken girl

Zap Fitness



The shopping experience on Drizly is extremely user friendly. The wines are broken down into specific categories based on type of wine you’re looking for. I really liked seeing all of the different wine categories because it gave me ideas of new wines to try that I may overlooked or just not thought of trying. I knew I wanted a variety of options, so I got to work on shopping!


Another really great feature of the app is the product description once you click on a specific beverage {like the Butternut Chardonnay below- sooo yummy!}. So often in a liquor store, I’ll see a beautiful label or interesting craft beer bottle but have no idea what it’s supposed to taste like. Drizly provides tasting notes for each of their selections, which is so awesome because it made me more willing to try something new since I didn’t feel like I was just randomly choosing based on the pretty bottle {which I still don’t think is a bad way to go, ha!}.

drizly hoboken girl 3

I decided to go with a mix of Champagne, white, and red wines figuring that way everyone would be able to find something to enjoy. The delivery scheduling was a cinch: choose the date and the hour you want it delivered within, and you’re good to go. Sooo easy and convenient! You can even choose to tip the driver right on the app if you don’t have cash on hand. One thing to note, you need to put in the name of the person who will physically be accepting the delivery and make sure they have a photo ID ready when the order comes. The driver was very thorough about checking on this– for legal reasons I’m sure!

^my Drizly choices {sans one bottle that may or may not have been opened the night before I took this}! 

I scheduled my delivery to arrive between 1-2:00pm. I got a text at 1:05 saying my delivery was on its way and the driver was there by 1:30. He carried the 1/2 case of wine I order right up to the doorstep, checked my ID, and that was it! Sooo much easier than lugging wine all the way down from a store. It definitely made the dinner party planning way less stressful {see below for some food/wine pics from our night}:

^Getting pizza dough ready the night before with the missing bottle of wine!

^Course 1: Arugula salad with toasted pine nuts, shallots, shaved parmigiano reggiano in a homemade lemon vinaigrette dressing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.07.38 PM

^The two pizzas we had for dinner. On the left is a walnut pesto with butternut squash and parmigiano reggiano. The right is a spicy shrimp marinara pizza with fresh mozzarella.

^We enjoyed the pizza with Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet- yumm!

Insider Tips On Using Drizly 

– I used the Drizly scheduling option, but they also have an On-Demand feature available where you place the order and it is sent out immediately for delivery. This is very convenient if you’re in the middle of an event and need some extra booze stat without leaving your guests.

– Drizly has an amazing gift feature! You can “gift” someone items and they’ll receive an email telling them they have a Drizly gift. Then, they can login to schedule delivery. This is such a convenient way to send a bottle of champagne to a newly engaged friend or a bottle of wine for someone’s birthday. I love that they can choose when it will be delivered so you know they’ll receive it.

– As of yet, a reschedule delivery option doesn’t seem that easy to do. I asked the Drizly team about this and they said that as of now rescheduling the On-Demand feature isn’t possible because the order is immediately processed. As for scheduled deliveries, you can email [email protected] and they’ll do everything they can to help reschedule the delivery.

– At one point I had started to build my order in the cart and then I clicked out of the app to check something else on my phone. When I reopened the app, the orders weren’t saved in my cart. I did this a second time and didn’t have this issues, so it may have just been a glitch but it’s good to note!

– Check the “Extras” tab to add ice, mixers, and other fun accessories to your order.

– Drizly is constantly increasing the amount of products available on the app. By the time I started writing this post, they already had dozens of other selections from when I first placed my order. Keep checking back for fun new things to try!


As a special gift to Hoboken Girl readers, you can use the code:


…to receive free delivery off your order!

*This post is sponsored, but all views are the author’s authentic experiences with this awesome app!

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