• Wok to Walk Has Closed in Hoboken

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    We’re sad to report yet another store closing in Hoboken — Wok to Walk, located at 91 Washington Street, has closed its doors on August 31st after being open only nearly a year in the Mile Square. The chain stir-fry joint just opened last July {2017} in downtown Hoboken and had a ton of mixed reviews, according to Yelp. Not to mention, it was literally a block away from a town favorite {but also a chain}, Honeygrow, which almost has the same concept in terms of stir-fry to-go. Read on to see what we enjoyed about Wok to Walk, {which still has several locations in NYC if you were a fan}:

    wok to walk hoboken

    ^The note left on the door of Wok to Walk

    The menu is predominately Chinese food with customizable items. Think lo mein, rice noodle base, or rice + veggies, meats, and sauces {teriyaki, black bean, the works}. Prices range from $8-15, depending on the add-ons — but plenty of options for both vegetarians and meat-lovers.

    Wok to Walk definitely had a fast-food-type feel, but was a great option for when you’re coming home from the PATH and need a quick bite {and are craving some savory eats}. One of our favorite orders was the glass noodles, tofu, button mushrooms, baby corn, fried onions and Tokyo sauce — and it was yum. 

    The wokists {YES, they’re literally called that} blaze fire right in front of you as they’re making your food.

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    ^The crowd during the soft opening last summer

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    wok to walk hoboken

    How do you feel about Wok to Walk’s closing? Were you a fan? Share with us in the comments below!

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    • Sorry, but that place was awful, just awful. Great concept – genuinely the kind of place I needed as an option on my commute home during the week – but the execution was terrible. The people they hired to do the cooking had no idea what they were doing, nothing seemed very fresh, and everything was drowning in an overly salty sauce. I never write bad reviews – I almost never write reviews period, but my meal was so bad there I had to write something in the hopes they would see it and take it to heart. They didn’t make any changes and I t never got better though. We need an alternative to Honeygrow, but this place just wasn’t it. There’s a reason it’s closed after barely a year – I’m apparently not the only one that thinks it sucked. I’d really like to see a good salad place open up there.

    • Similar feelings. Not as sad to see this one go. Unfortunately, the workers made for a terrible experience & jeopardized the business. Also did notice it was fairly always empty when walking by it for the past few months.


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