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Fun Winter Activities for Teens in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Amanda O'Brien
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Calling all teenagers – it’s no secret that boredom can strike fast and hard following the high of the holidays. Fear not, however, as there is still plenty to do to keep busy during these bitterly cold winter weekends. Our high school contributor Amanda has rounded up a list of fun activities to indulge in for those days where it feels like there’s absolutely nothing to do at all.

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Visit the Local Parks

It is a given that it is probably freezing outside, however, on the off day where the temps spike to a comfortable place, take a walk to one of the many parks in Hoboken. To name a few, there’s Columbus Park located next to Hoboken High School, Church Square Park which is on 4th Street next to the hospital, and Elysian Park on the other side of town. Additionally, there’s Pier C, which overlooks the Hudson River and has beautiful sights of NYC, especially at night.

Hit a Hometown Restaurant 

Going out and trying new restaurants with friends is always an adventure that can be done in the Mile Square City. Hoboken is filled to the brim with places to dine, both new and old. Gather some pals and check out eateries such as Giovanni’s Restaurant + Pizzeria, Vivi’s Bubble Tea for a simple snack macaroon or a bowl of ramen, or a cozy diner like the Spa Diner, just to name a couple.

A Trip to the Movies 

Always a tried and true option, especially in chilly weather conditions. Look up the latest movie releases, and see if they are playing at Hoboken’s own Bow Tie Cinemas. The best part is Tuesdays are usually half-off the ticketed price.

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Visit the Hoboken Public Library 

Hoboken Public Library Reading Garden

Admittedly, it is not common for a teen to find enjoyment in reading. Although, there are plenty out there who do. If so, visit the Hoboken Public Library, which is placed right across the street from Church Square Park. It’s a warm, quiet place where students can catch up on assignments if needed, or find a new novel to invest themselves in. Plus, it’s got a gorgeous reading garden to spend some seriously zen time in.

Visit Newport Mall

With a Foot Locker, Forever 21, and a massive variety of stores to shop at, Newport Mall is a teenage haven. A quick 10-minute ride on the Light Rail from Hoboken takes locals directly there. Also, it is possible to walk there instead, if that’s your preferred mode of travel. Go to Hoboken Terminal and find the walkway on the water; that leads straight to the Newport Green park. Newport Mall is only a handful of blocks away from there. It’s a perfect way to use the gift cards given as holiday presents and to spend quality time with friends, who can tag along on the shopping outing.

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Shop Locally 

Yes, Hoboken is basically filled with restaurants galore, however, the same goes for how many local, unique shops there are. Athletic-wear, boutiques, shoe stores – you name it, Hoboken’s got it. Some teen-friendly shops are the Sephora Studio, Anthropologie, and the brand new IMBeauty Pop-Up Shop. The IMBeauty store’s main focus is on BTS, a K-POP boy group who’s found major success in America. So, it truly is a fan experience. Overall, supporting small businesses or visiting neighborhood’s markets, in general, are great things to do for the Hoboken community, as well as another way to have fun in the brisk winter months.

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Go Ice Skating 

Sadly, ice skating is not accessible within the mile-square that is Hoboken anymore. Despite that, there is still a place to skate nearby. Almost right next to the Newport Green park in Jersey City, there is Newport Skates {95 River Drive South}, which is an ice skating rink that welcomes a huge range of ages. There is a rental area for skates, and lessons available. Go to the Newport Skates website for more information {skate at your own risk}.

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