The Thursday {3}: Guava Empanadas from La Isla, Sour Jacks, Vega One Protein Shakes

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The Thursday {3} is back! Our editor shares her favorites from the week in Hoboken… chock-full of tips and tricks to navigating {read: eating, mostly} in the Mile Square. Here’s what’s on today’s list:

Sour Jacks Candy

sour jacks candy

These gummies are far from sugar free or good for your clean diet {BUT they are gluten free!}, however I just had to share how delicious they are. Recently, I brought them to my office, and they were gobbled up a few minutes after putting them out by everyone. Favorite flavor? The watermelon! So delicious. They taste like sour-candy heaven, and I literally cannot stop eating them.

Vega One Shakes

Vega One Shake Hoboken Girl

This has been a longtime favorite of mine, and it’s too good not to share! This protein powder has a few different flavors, but the best IMHO is the French Vanilla. Another major plus is that the powder contains no whey {which is milk-based} and no gluten. Win win + lots of protein and filled with veggies and nutrients — hard to go wrong! The best part is that you can mix it with water in a blender OR by hand, and it’s a perfect post-workout or morning supplement!

Guava Empanadas {and Cafe Con Leche} at La Isla

La Isla Guava Empanada Hoboken New Jersey

If you’ve ever wanted a non-alcoholic nightcap and treat, La Isla downtown is the place to go. This Cuban joint was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives — and with good reason. Their food is just AMAZING {and probably most of the reason they were able to open a second location uptown!}. Their cafe con leche {picture above as well} is also out-of-this-world. Perfect for a rainy night when you just want a little comfort food {and if you haven’t tried their mashed potato ball, you’re missing out}.


Well, that’s it for our Thursday {3}, but now you have a few things to do — get coffee and empanadas, have some gummy snacks, and feel guilty the next morning {so you drink a protein shake}. Win/Win.

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