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New Project ‘The Boundary’ in Downtown Hoboken Unveils Plan for Retail Space + More

by Diana Cooper
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At a recent Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting, developer JDA Group LLC unveiled a new project it is seeking approval for and calls for expanding the Mission 50 coworking building {formerly known as the Hoboken Business Center}. Read on for more details regarding the project, provided by Greg Dell’Aquila of JDA Group.

About the Expansion

Currently, the JDA Group is seeking approval for re-use of 50 Harrison Street’s surface parking lot for a six-story medical office building, a public park above a structured parking garage with retail space, and the inclusion of a multi-purpose event space in a two-story addition to the existing Mission 50 building.

the boundary new project hoboken jersey city

{Pictured: “The Boundary” Vision – Street View, Photo Credit: VMI Studio/QuallsBenson}

The new mixed-use project, coined “The Boundary” {because the buildings are situated on the boundary of Hoboken and Jersey City — 50 Harrison Street and 2 Hoboken Avenue, respectively}, will bring 500,000 square feet of medical office space, retail {restaurants, bars, boutiques, groceries}, residential space, a publicly accessible park on the rooftop, parking space, and more.

“It’s just going to be a very unique project and it’s really going to be a benefit to this whole area which really doesn’t have a lot of pedestrian street life. It doesn’t really have any retail,” Dell’Aquila tells Hoboken Girl. “This is one of the reasons why we’re doing it because developers always just want to build residential and we want to feed the other side of the demand which is ‘where do people go?’”

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jda group new project the boundary

{Pictured: “The Boundary” Vision – Medical Office Building, Photo Credit: VMI Studio/QuallsBenson}

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The Changes

While there is no estimated cost at this time, Dell’Aquila is taking it step by step and waiting for the next Zoning Board meeting to hear the city’s take and get approval, which “can take many months.” He calls it a “very complex, very difficult project,” one that will take a long time, but one that will bring a lot of positives.

“The positives are we’re going to be helping with the flooding. One of the things that we know that plague Southwest Hoboken is flooding. Right now, the site is 100 percent impervious. [Every roof of every building] has all different kinds of green vegetative roofs and that’s all going to help with the stormwater. We also put a 40,000-gallon stormwater storage system underneath one of the roadways because we’re building an internal roadway,” he says.

“And then the other positive is we’re going to have jobs. A lot of these buildings are just bringing in people, but 100s of people or a couple 100s of people work at the building now, and we’re hoping that there’ll be more as we expand.”

Dell’Aquila and his “world-class” design team are working with architect Ed McHenry from Philadelphia, PA. He mentions, “If it does get it approved, we can start construction in about a year — I would say spring/summer 2022.”

mission 50 hoboken coworking space

{Pictured: Mission 50, Photo Credit: @mission50}

History of Mission 50

Mission 50 Workspaces opened in September of 2011 and became New Jersey’s first co-working space. Dell’Aquila said at the time that it would have “great appeal to freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses in Hudson County.”

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From there, the JDA Group got some approvals to expand that building over the years, but experienced a delay. They’ve so far received approval from Jersey City in 2020 to build 192 market-rate apartments at 2 Hoboken Avenue. “The new, 13-story, glass-facade building will include nine floors of residential over four stories of structured parking, as well as approximately 11,500 square feet of retail,” the press release states.

Dell’Aquila concludes, “JDA Group has been integral in Hoboken’s revitalization and growth for more than three decades. We look forward to working with the city to transform this once-thriving industrial area into a place that honors the past and creates a new destination for businesses and residents.”


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