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Super Maids: Cleaning Services for Hoboken, Jersey City, + Beyond

by Ainsley Layland
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Spending a significant amount of time at home can result in an overwhelming amount of housework, which is where a cleaning service for your Hoboken or Jersey City home is clutch. Super Maids regularly comes in to save the day for us by alleviating the stress of managing a home while you work and school from home. The team at Super Maids serves 18 locations in northern New Jersey, which means no matter where you are located, you can have a team of professionals customize a cleaning plan and restore a sense of normalcy to your hectic everyday life. Keep reading to learn more about Super Maids cleaning service in the Hoboken, Jersey City area, + beyond — and to take advantage of the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers!

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Quality Cleaning + Quality Training

“Everyone has or will need help in keeping up their home and we’re here to help. There is a difference in getting your home cleaned and actually having a clean home. Super Maids is all about quality, we’re not going to wipe down a few items and call it clean,” Super Maids founder + CEO Myco Momplaisir told Hoboken Girl

“Our company uses premium, plant-based products {Better Life}, we clean in teams of two, using color-coded towels to avoid cross-contamination and an actual training program for our staff.” More than anything he hopes his business will make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

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“We place value on taking our time. Great cleaning boils down to time and effort. The world is full of cleaning services and we don’t just aspire to be another one. Super Maids staff take their time and put in the effort to gain our client’s approval and trust,” Myco said. “Not to sound cliche but we aspire to be the best in our actions. Cleaning is so subjective that there isn’t just one definition of clean. We allow our clients to guide our cleaning and this line of thinking is what keeps our clients booking over and over again.”

According to Myco and the experience of his team, the bathroom is the most commonly requested room to have cleaned. 

“Everyone loves getting their bathroom cleaned. I would venture to say that most of our clients book a cleaning service specifically for their bathroom and the rest of the home being cleaned is an added bonus. There is something about coming home to a refreshed bathroom that puts everyone in a good mood.”

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A Customized Cleaning Plan 

Upon their arrival, the team will make an assessment of your space to ensure a complete understanding of the needs of your home so that the ordered services will be most effective. Here are the types of cleanings the company offers:

The Standard Clean: A budget-friendly option for anyone that needs tidying up rather than a top to bottom deep cleaning. The team will lightly dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors. They will also make beds, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and clean all common areas in the home. 

The Super Clean: The most thorough cleaning service perfect for homes not maintained on a regular basis and a deeper clean. If you find yourself too busy for deep cleaning, Super Maids can take over. This service is also recommended for 90 percent of all first-time cleanings. All reachable services will be cleaned including blinds, the exterior of all appliances, under beds and couches, and a deep scrub of bathroom floors and shower walls.

The Move-In/Out Clean: There is no time like moving to make you realize just how much space you have to clean. To get help with that final clean, Super Maids offers a moving package that is specifically designed for “All Empty Homes” and will make your home move-in ready. In addition to sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all floors the team will also wipe down all appliances, any necessary spot cleaning, and clean the baseboards. This is an ideal time to add a carpet cleaning service or a refrigerator deep clean.

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COVID-19 Cleaning Precautions

In keeping with CDC guidelines, the Super Maids team wear masks when servicing homes. g. On top of that, cleaning specialists will wear shoe covers, gloves, and use a hospital-grade disinfectant called brutab-6s.

On The Client Connection

“What makes my job rewarding is waking up every day and seeing something that I have worked so hard to build, thrive, and now provides a living for others. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving in Hudson County. I have met so many badass bosses from all walks of life,” Myco told Hoboken Girl. “What sets Super Maids apart from other cleaning companies is the extent we’ll go to get the seal of approval from a client.” 

Super Maids offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. For inquiries, contact 201-984-3512 for a detailed quote, and remember to use code HG2021 to get $30 OFF your first cleaning order.


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