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Sara Says: Baby {On the Brain?}

by Sara
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Our resident acupuncturist and holistic health guru, Sara, of Acupuncture Atelier, weighs in on fertility {in Hoboken and beyond}…

Walking around uptown Hoboken, there is no mystery that there is something in the water on the west side of the Hudson. Couples are crossing the river, moving from their cozy NYC apartments, to find space and create a family in Hoboken. Proud new mommies and daddies walking slowly with their newborns in strollers, glowing mothers-to-be, and newly walking toddlers greeting daddy coming home from work are in every direction. If you are thinking about starting a family, or you are having difficulty conceiving, acupuncture can assist and support, and I invite you to consider the following.




THE Pill

In my practice, I am finding a new trend; women are getting off The Pill and using alternative forms of birth control. Unfortunately, many of these women have been left with a common side effect; irregular or non existing menses. If this sounds familiar, not to worry, it can be fixed! According to Chinese Medicine, long term use of The Pill *typically leads to a pattern referred to as “Blood Deficiency” or “Blood Stasis.” In addition to acupuncture treatments with moxa, I usually recommend that my patients eat more “blood building” foods. I suggest foods like beef, egg yolk, beets, berries, spinach and kale, just to name a few. Building blood will nourish the body, promote a regular cycle, and help strengthen the uterus, a must for a healthy pregnancy.

*It is important to note when I say “typical” it should be taken broadly. In Chinese Medicine nothing is ever really “typical”, everyone and everything is it’s own individual and is always treated as such.

berries acupuncture atelier



^Berries are an excellent option to build blood.


What Part Emotions Play

Acupuncturists study a direct channel connection between the Heart and the Uterus. Because of this connection, emotional health has a significant influence on gynecological physiology. Its no surprise that in times of extreme stress, grief, anger, or worry that your monthly cycle can be thrown off. When emotions disturb the Heart energy, the channel from the Heart to the Uterus is effected; your monthly period may either be excessive, come early, or not come at all. When treating women who are having trouble conceiving, it is important they take time to quiet their mind, hone in and discover which emotions they might be clinging to. The decision to have a baby is exciting but also scary. Mixed emotions can be clouding the pathway from the Heart to the Uterus. Having mixed emotions is ok! Just keep in mind, letting go of these emotions will only better your chances of conceiving. I am sure most know of a couple who had trouble conceiving, then once they stopped “trying” it just happened. The frustration, worry, sadness, and anger was no longer there to block the path to conception. We are all miracles of life, miracles can not be controlled.




^Holding onto emotions may be playing a part in your fertility.



Connect to Your Feminine Energy

It is no secret that we live in a male dominated society. Unfortunately, in order to survive, many women today have lost their feminine connection. I am not suggesting all women are tomboys, but instead, that many women have simply learned how to adapt in a masculine world emotionally and energetically. When I say feminine connection, I mean accessing the creativity, vitality, and passionate energy which lives within the female pelvic bowl; the womb. After all, if a woman is not tapped into that creative energy, how can she “create” a baby? In my practice, I typically recommend to my patients that they spend time being extra “girlie.” Sometimes, my suggestions are as simple as getting a mani / pedi with bright pink polish, wearing sexy lingerie, or shaking your hips to your favorite song. Other times, it may be best to quiet the mind, do some yin yoga, and try to visualize connecting to your womb, inviting energy in. Lastly, tracking your basal body temperature is an excellent way to get in touch with your pelvic bowl. Download a fertility app {i.e. Kindara} or read Toni Weschler’s, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.” It is much easier to connect, when you fully understand what is going on within.


“The Woman’s” Essential Oil

I usually recommend a couple essential oils to all my patients. In this case, dabbing some rose essential oil at the heart center, along with a dab below the belly button; connecting the heart and the uterus can be extremely therapeutic. Rose is considered a “woman’s oil,” it tones the uterus, encourages and regulates the menstrual cycle. Perhaps dab a little on each morning after your shower and visualize the two points connecting?

Rose Essential Oil is considered the "woman's oil."



^ Rose Essential Oil is considered the “woman’s oil.”


It is important to remember every single patient is different, and complexity varies between each case. The female body is a sacred place, engaging creative energy is when the real potential begins, and a beautiful baby is made.

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