Refurbished with Love: An Upcycling and Refurbishing Co {Made in Hoboken}

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Do you have a piece of furniture you love, but it needs a furniture face lift?  Did you pick up a piece of furniture at a thrift store or flea market, but don’t have the time to refurbish or the know how? Did you inherit your grandmother’s table, but don’t know what to do with it or where to put it? That’s where Denise Refurbished with Love {a local Hoboken refurbishing and “upcycling” business + etsy shop} comes in. She can help you refurbish that piece of furniture or thrift shop find and turn it into a stunning focal point for any room.


A sampling of Denise’s beautiful work:



Denise gives furniture a facelift, making your old pieces of furniture new again. Her motto is “ReStore, ReUse and ReStyle.” Not only does she refurbish furniture, but also she upholsters and sews custom linens such as pillows, curtains and shades.

A pretty phenomenal transformation {before and after}:



refurb 2

Amazing AFTER!

Stemless wine glasses with chalkboard paint labels which can be bought online at RWL’s Etsy Store. So fun!

dumbwaiter table 048

Upcycled & refurbished side table:


 So what did I get from Refurbished with Love? Even though we are in the process of moving to a new apartment soon {in Hoboken}, I couldn’t help but hang my newest acquisition {State Love} made by Denise on our wall:


Refurbished with Love

Etsy-material. Made locally in Hoboken.

Isn’t it adorable?! Refurbished with Love also makes old beat up furniture and frames like this one adorable again! My boyfriend and I met in Pennsylvania in graduate school 4 years ago, and now we live together in NJ. Thought this was fitting.

Looking for a gift like my State frame for someone {or yourself}?
State Love Artwork costs:
1 state: $45
2 states: $80
3 states: $120
Such a beautiful, handmade gift that is bound to make a house feel a little bit more like a home 🙂
To find Refurbished with Love around the interwebs:
Have you ever upcycled or DIY-ed a fun find like Denise? Tell us about it!


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