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We’ve Found the Perfect Matcha Latte {at Jefferson’s Coffee}

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I am a matcha latte snob. There, I said it. And so, there is ONE place in Hoboken I’m able to get my perfect matcha fix. That place…is Jefferson Coffee.


Tucked across the street from Shop Rite, Jefferson Coffee is not only SERIOUS about drip coffee, espresso drinks & tea…it is SERIOUS about matcha.

What is Matcha?

Pure matcha has no sugar, is loaded with antioxidants, helps detoxify the body, packs a perfect caffeine punch, and is slightly bitter like coffee. That is exactly what Jefferson Coffee serves up. No fillers. No extra sugar. No fluff that chains use to mask that quintessential bitterness.

Jefferson Coffee also seems to make it the right way. Because, how could a beverage that looks like be wrong?!


Be prepared to wait a hot minute, because after ordering your latte, the good people at Jefferson Coffee will whisk the matcha powder in hot water to make sure it’s thoroughly dissolved {verrrryyyy important}. Then, they put the soy milk {really, you can use any kind of milk} over ice. And then — only then — they pour this velvety green matcha mixture over the ice…and it’s just BE-AU-TI-FUL.


At this point you just stir it on up and drink it down. You can add your own sweeteners, do some grocery shopping, and contemplate how much you love your life because of this green-as-could-be caffeine treat. For me, it’s the only matcha in town.

Love, your local matcha snob. <3

Do you love matcha lattes? Where’s your favorite place to get one? Comment below and we’ll check the place out.

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New Jersey native & Hobokenite of 7+ years, Marley is constantly discovering new eats to write about...from Edgewater to Manhattan. Whether it's takeout, wine tastings, or classic Jersey diners, she's on a mission to bring you the best noms our area has to offer. Copywriter by day. Contributor at night. Reach her at marleyltito@gmail.com.

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