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How to DIY {the Cutest} Wine Corks and Bottle Stoppers

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As you know, one of the most essential tips for styling the ultimate bar cart is to accessorize appropriately – and what better way to accessorize than to dress up the bottles themselves?

I’m a big fan of attractive bottle stoppers – they add personality to your bar {and in turn, your home} and give everything a polished look. However, some can be pricey – especially if you want to dress up a few bottles. Recently, I’ve been drawn to shiny, brass stoppers so I decided to create a DIY version of my own. Not only will this DIY save you money, but it will also guarantee that you own a unique piece that you won’t find at your friends’ places.


What you’ll need:

  • Cork bottle stoppers {$8 for six corks}
  • Rubber animal figurines {$7 for 12 figurines}
  • Gold spray paint
  • Super glue

I bought a pack of rubber barnyard animal figurines because I wanted to create stoppers with birds on them, but you can really choose anything you’d like {dogs, cats, fish, dinosaurs, etc — the possibilities are endless}. From the pack of twelve, I chose a few figurines to use for the project.


First, grab your spray paint and head to a well-ventilated area {ideally outside} to spray the figurines. I sprayed them inside a small cardboard box outside so that the paint wouldn’t get everywhere.


One coat of paint should be sufficient, and then set each figurine aside for about an hour to dry. Once dry, it’s time to assemble the stoppers!


Grab one of the corks and apply a small amount of super glue to the larger end of the cork. Then choose one of the painted figurines and adhere it to the cork by pressing firmly.


Hold for about one minute and then set aside {upright} to dry for a few hours before using. That’s all there is to it!

Once dry, your stoppers will look exactly like the more expensive brass versions found in stores. Now the only thing left to do is to pop the corks inside your favorite wine or spirits bottles and enjoy!


We’d love to see what you guys create so tweet us your pics {@HobokenGirlBlog}! And for more DIY and design inspiration, check out Michelle’s design blog at GirlontheHudson.com.

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Ever since she can remember, Michelle has had a passion for DIY projects, interior design, and styling homes. She writes Hoboken Girl's DIY and Design column, where she shares ideas for fun weekend {pinterest-worthy} projects and decor styling that will totally impress your friends and family. A New Jersey native, Michelle is currently the Communications Director for a global digital and design firm in New York City and lives in Uptown Hoboken with her husband, her son, and her dog, Chewie. You can follow her on Instagram at @GirlontheHudson or through her design blog, GirlontheHudson.com.

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