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Sara Says: 5 Things You Should Know About Releasing Emotions

by Sara
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Sara says is back —— and our holistic health expert is discussing something that we all “suffer” from — EMOTIONS, and how releasing emotions can change your life. Here she is: 


It is difficult to write about something that many suffer from, but is unseen. It is also difficult to write about something many may never understand because it is unseen. However, the fact remains, anxiety, depression, and all other emotions in between can be a constant struggle for many. Despite the awareness, talking about emotions continues to be a difficult topic to address. So, why the avoidance or embarrassment? After all, we are strong beings — not fragile little porcelain dolls — but it appears there is a stigma to any form of mental illness in humans.


From experience, it seems most of the stigma ties to the fact that anxiety, depression and other mental emotional imbalances are not visible to the eye. Some simply have a very difficult time getting on board with something they can not see. This is understandable, but at some point, it is important to acknowledge that mental emotional imbalances are indeed a part of our world. Our beings create emotions to be emitted into the universe and used for a purpose. Suppressing, not acknowledging, and leaving emotions inside the body is not what we create them to do. When emotions are left within, that’s when the damage begins.

According to Chinese Medicine, unacknowledged emotions can be damaging and heavy if left to sit within the body. When emotions are not released {which they are meant to do}, they will be left to sit, stir and then cause imbalances throughout the body over time. As an example, emotions stirring around inside the body can lead to an uproar of scattered and scary emotional outbursts {think in the form of rage}.

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Often, it seems those who suppress emotions sometimes can’t even figure out exactly how they are feeling — they find themselves feeling incredibly angry or upset but, don’t exactly know why. In this example, anger is stemming from unacknowledged emotions that have been left to sit and stir overtime, turning into heat {like friction} inside the body. According to Chinese Medicine, heat within the body can manifest in many different ways {i.e. constipation, thirst, dry skin, etc.} but in this specific example, heat is exposing itself as outbursts of anger {rage}.


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At my acupuncture practice, I often find myself encouraging patients to release their emotions — feel them and then set them free. You and your body create emotional responses to people/things/events, so why let your creation sit inside your body? Emotions should be felt inside the body and used for a purpose outside the body. We are individuals with our own thoughts, ideas and beliefs; emotions are simply a way we are able to express ourselves as individuals. Here are a few things you should know about emotions.

1. Know that emotions should be felt without judgement. 

Emotions should be felt deeply, without judgement. As they come into your consciousness, acknowledge them, don’t judge them — but instead feel them as they are. It’s important to understand that judging your emotions is just as damaging as not releasing them. When you judge what comes into your consciousness, in some ways you are trying to fix what is potentially meant to be. Attempting to alter or fix an initial reaction or belief is no different than burying an emotion, you are not acknowledging your true self, but instead silencing {and burying} who you are. The initial reaction or thought will not go away simply by forcing another reaction; it will stay in the body unacknowledged and left to stir.

2. Acknowledge those emotions {even the scary ones!}.

Curious about your emotions and how to start the healing process? To start, acknowledge that your emotions are real. Say it out loud even, then allow yourself {without judgement} to feel those emotions. If you are having trouble or feeling overwhelmed by too many emotions, try going to a comfortable space, then sit and quiet your mind for a few moments. Try not to force this exercise, but, instead — just allow yourself to feel. After some time, perhaps you will begin to understand your emotions and decide you want to take hold of them. At which point, many find talking to an unbiased professional or healer to be remarkably helpful.

3. Don’t be afraid to talk to a professional.

Talking without judgement, to a professional who acknowledges your emotions as real, provides an opportunity to dig through confused and heavy emotions. The longer emotions are carried and not released, the more confused they become. Having a safe platform to dig and talk in circles can help the patient to remember where the emotions started from. In addition to self acknowledgement, acknowledgement by another, and then talking about your emotions, exercise and movement are also helpful to get stuck emotions moving again.

4. Practice techniques to quiet your mind.

Yoga specifically is a fantastic option — as is mindful meditation {Editor’s note: post on where you can do that in Hoboken coming soon!}. Allow the movement and exercise to provide endorphins for a spirit lift, and the breath work to quiet the mind and move stuck energy {emotions}. Learning to quiet the mind can be difficult, but it is a practice well worth the effort. Understand, the mind is full of thought — but, the voice worth listening to is the voice within. Your true voice lives in your heart. By quieting the mind, you are then able to hear beyond and listen to your true self.

5. Remember: Healing is like an onion. There are many layers.



I am sure this can all seem very overwhelming to some, but understand healing is like an onion; you have to peel through many layers, it can be sweaty and tearful but eventually you will get to the root. It doesn’t happen immediately.


Of course, all of these are simply suggestions. Struggling with any mental emotional imbalance is different for everyone. Many may never ever be “cured” of their imbalance, but working towards acceptance and peace is the healing process. Hopefully, this information will encourage more to feel and acknowledge their emotions as they come, and then use them with love for a better purpose. Remember, even difficult emotions are easier to acknowledge if they come from a place of good intention.

Harsh words often come from a place of fear, try meeting those words with acceptance and love, I am sure you will be surprised by a positive response! Above all, acknowledging your own emotions is a pivotal moment towards feeling better, it is a moment of taking control and should feel empowering. On the other hand, if you have a loved one who is struggling with an emotional imbalance, you acknowledging their emotions as real without judgement can be just as pivotal. Sometimes saying things out loud makes us feel lighter. You have a voice, why not use it? After all, bottling everything up inside only causes more confusion and emotional turmoil. So, shall we start the healing process? No, you are not crazy, overly emotional or too sensitive. Your emotions and how you are feeling have been acknowledged….it is now your turn.



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