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Hoboken Originals: All About the Hoboken Brewing Company

by Jennifer Tripucka
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New week…yet another perfect time to add a new voice to the fun that is Hoboken Girl. Introducing: Hoboken Originals, a new column written by Amy D’Aureli, a freelance Marketing Manager and Hoboken resident. Amy will be discovering all of the local yocal {hey — isn’t it all #LocalYocal — in a good way — in Hoboken?!} stuff that you’ve been curious about or perhaps had no clue existed! From classic spots to things that originated in Hoboken, it will all be covered. We are so excited to welcome Amy to the HG team!

HG Originals


I love hearing about my Hoboken neighbors with super cool hobbies and passion projects. It’s individuals like these who make Hoboken a creative and pretty inspiring place to hang out. Meet brew masters, Andrew Zebrowski and Brendan Drury, Hoboken residents who have lived, worked, and socialized around town for nearly a decade, with a taste for brewing some delicious (and cleverly-named) craft beers. Together they’ve started Hoboken Brewing Company, a local brewery inspired by their love for craft beer – and Hoboken!


Meet the brew masters, Andrew and Brendan!

Meet the brew masters, Andrew and Brendan!

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Brendan taught Andrew the ins and outs of home brewing, a personal hobby of his for years, and they both started building Hoboken Brewing Company back in 2012. Inspired by other craft breweries like Dogfish Head in Delaware and Cricket Hill in New Jersey, they noticed Hoboken, a town that certainly knows its beers and bars, was missing its own local namesake brew. They named the company after Hoboken as a hat tip to a city they lived in and loved, and also to honor Hoboken’s history.

“We love Hoboken for what it used to be, with its industrial beginnings (Did you know the first brewery in America was opened in Hoboken back in 1641, located where Steven’s Institute now sits?), but also for what it has become: a good mix of both white and blue collar professionals. We knew we could never think of a better name to represent us and who we are,” explain Andrew and Brendan.

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Hoboken Brewing Company brews all types of ales, but get especially excited about “Bodhi Blonde,” (yes, that’s a Point Break reference) their flagship, award-winning light-bodied ale brewed with organic coconut flakes. Bodhi Blonde won First Place, People’s Choice at the 2013 Jersey City Homebrew Battle, and I can say first hand that this delicious beer takes you to a much warmer, more tropical place.

Building a brewery, that is, literally housing their brewing system and equipment, while also licensing and introducing their beers to local bars, restaurants and store shelves proves to be a lot of hard work, and expensive. Along with full time jobs, you have to admire Andrew and Brendan’s ambition and commitment to their craft. But they have high hopes that Hoboken Brewing Company will be the premier brewery in Hoboken with a production facility open to the public, and a nationally recognized brand one day.

The official Hoboken Brewing Company logo

The official Hoboken Brewing Company logo

Another fun fact: Andrew and Brendan are the hosts behind Pintmeisters, Hoboken’s philanthropic social events company. Pintmeisters events take place around Hoboken each season, raising money for local and national causes.

According to Andrew, “We’ve held charitable events that range from aiding the family of a very sick newborn, to aiding Hurricane Sandy Relief. Currently, we have raised over $7,000.00 in charitable donations, and we hope upcoming 2014 events will bring in a lot more.”

There’s a synergy that exists between the two companies – an enthusiasm for bringing people together to celebrate for a great cause, and an opportunity to give back to the community that inspired it all.

Next month, they’ll be giving out free tastings of their signature beers at Hoboken’s 5th Annual Chili Cookoff and Homebrewing contest on February 23rd at the Elks Lodge {more on that to come VERY soon!}.

Have you tasted the Hoboken Brewing Company’s beer? How was it? Cheers!

Follow Hoboken Brewing Company on Facebook and Twitter as they continue to grow, and find out about upcoming events and tastings + Follow Pintmeisters on Facebook and Twitter to find out about their upcoming events. 

To get in touch with Amy, email [email protected]!


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