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Hit and Run in Hoboken at 1st + Bloomfield: What We Know

by Jennifer Tripucka
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This is a developing story — but a grave reminder to pay attention when walking/driving, etc. So scary and sad.

hoboken hit and run

Photo: Erin Celetti

A motor vehicle accident that spans several blocks of Hoboken occurred this afternoon on April 16th. A few accounts of what took places:

Marci Rubin of News 12 reports on Twitter:

Accord got into crash. Driver fled scene, drove on sidewalk, hit pedestrian, crashed into building across from @HobokenPD & arrested. Pedestrian at #JerseyCityMedicalCenter. Other driver not injured.”

Apparently the first crash happened by Little City Books, and then the driver tried to flee up toward the corner of 1st and Hudson, and that’s where he hit the pedestrian.

And then he kept going — hitting a pedestrian, according to several eye witnesses.

Another eyewitness account of one of the crashes from Hoboken resident Ashley McKenna:

“I was walking along 1st Street when I saw a long line of cars beeping. There was what seemed to be a male driver in a black car that was causing the bottleneck and not moving his car. A few pedestrians politely asked him to move to the side of the street so the line of cars behind him could continue driving. (From my observation, he seemed to not be very coherent). He then accelerated his car approaching the intersection of 1st and Bloomfield and hit the back bumper of another car (a gray Prius) who was already making his way through the intersection.

The driver in the black car continued to speed forward down 1st Street passing through Washington. At that point I had lost sight of the car who was nearing Hudson Street when I heard a loud yell and then a loud crash. When I reached 1st and Hudson, I saw a sneaker in the middle of the road and the black car crashed into a building. (Picture attached of the car). Really hoping the person who got hit is okay.”

hoboken hit and run

^Car of interest — that caused all of the commotion/hit-and-run.

hoboken hit and run

^View of Little City Books, where Prius was hit on 1st Street.

Erin Celetti, HG contributor and Hoboken resident, was walking on 1st Street when she came across the scene {photo above}. 

She also sent photos of several other locations that have been affected as a result of the black Honda Accord’s rampage. The suspect is now in custody, but an investigation is on-going.

hoboken hit and run

The City of Hoboken also released a Nixle alert to avoid the area{s} affected.

“Due to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of 1st Street and Hudson Street from Newark to Second Streets, as well as 1st Street from Washington to River Streets will be closed to traffic for the next several hours. Law enforcement personnel including the Hoboken Police Department are currently on the scene conducting an investigation. Residents and motor vehicles are encouraged to avoid the area. Thank you for your patience.”

Update as of 4/17:

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office has announced that 66-year-old Oscar Moran has been charged with assault by automobile and DWI.

We’ll share more updates as they come in, but please be safe, everyone!

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