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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Local Musician ENÍ

by Hoboken Girl Team
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If you have yet to hear about emerging local musician ENI, then keep your ears open because you’re about to. Having grown up in Hoboken and graduated from Hoboken High School, ENÍ is now a singer, songwriter, music engineer, and photographer. Her debut single, “Kiss’n in the Dark,” gained the recognition of radio stations like New York’s own Hot 97, Power 105.1, and LA’s Power 106, and now has over 200,000 streams on Spotify. But aside from her already impressive musical accomplishments, ENÍ is also pushing her positive outlook and energy into the world though the #ENIVIBES movement. Keep reading for more info on #ENIVIBES and this incredibly talented and uber positive local artist who is our latest Hoboken Girl of the Week!

Watch ENÍ’s Kiss’n in the Dark music video shot near the Bowtie Cinema.

About what inspires and motivates her

My biggest source of inspiration would be my Grandmother. She’s such a strong minded and dedicated woman. Being raised by her gave me a unique lens through which to see life. I witnessed a woman, with so little, persevere throughout so many difficult challenges. As a child, I would lay across her chest and fall in a trance while listening to the tunes she would hum. I’d have my ear pressed against her chest while the vibrations of her hums trembled throughout my body. I’d fall fast asleep. My motivation is based on the notion NEVER GIVE UP! The idea of giving up, quitting or not believing makes me extremely uncomfortable. I’ve swam through the darkest swamps of the mind and I’ve got to tell ya, it sucks. Let go of any negative thoughts or ideas. Begin practicing the art of Positive Thinking and apply it. That’s my motivation. That’s the #ENIVIBES way of life.

On her goals for the year

My goal is to put out a full project with a few visuals. I am really passionate about touring. I would love to reach as many people as possible and have the opportunity to perform and spread good vibes.

About a typical ENI day

I start off with a cup of coffee. Check all my emails, texts and social media. After that, I follow up with my manager about any shows, PR runs or meetings. Gym! Then it’s time to create more music and come up with more creative ideas such as photoshoots and music videos.

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Career highlights… so far

My highlight would have to be when I first heard my song on Power 105.1 of NYC. I wanted my song to play on the radio so badly. I got all of my Instagram followers to request “Kiss’n in the Dark” on a radio DJ’s page and he finally played it. We kept bombing the radio DJ’s page with the hashtag #KissnInTheDark and it got noticed. I cried!

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Her advice to those trying to pursue their art

Know what you want! You have to know what you want and then go for it. You aren’t going to know everything but you will learn along the way. Be willing to make mistakes and learn the business as you go along. Go on YouTube and look up tutorials on song writing, how to register your song, and learn how to have some sort of independence so that you aren’t relying too much on anyone. Oh, and save your money!

Let go of any negative thoughts or ideas. Begin practicing the art of Positive Thinking and apply it. That’s my motivation. That’s the #ENIVIBES way of life.  

How she spends her days off

I spend time with family. It’s really important to me. I also really enjoy Frank Sinatra Park and a good picnic in the park.

Her favorite Hoboken restaurant and boutique and fitness center

Mamoun’s Falafel and Cheap Maggies. With my friends, we almost always end up at East LA drinking their famous frozen Margaritas. It’s the bestttttt. I love to workout at the Sky Club Fitness and Spa in Hoboken. It’s the best kept secret. It has a huge pool, lots of cardio, and I love the steam room and sauna.

What she loves most about her hometown Hoboken

I’ve lived in Hoboken my entire life. You can literally know someone since elementary school and still see their beautiful face into adulthood. It’s pretty townie, in a way, and that’s what I love most about it. It’s changed a bit, but for the most part it’s still a tight niche city where everyone knows one another.

Her thoughts on what needs to come to Hoboken

I’m tried of all the bars and restaurants that keep popping up. We need a huge Dance Dance Revolution theme park. THAT would be awesome.

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