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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Luca Cusolito {of Creative Enabler}

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Usually, the world “enabler” has a negative connotation, but this week’s featured Hoboken Girl {a JC girl} is giving it a whole new meaning by enabling small businesses creativepreneaurs, personal brands, and event producers to “build audiences and infamy around the world. Luca Cusolito is a third generation female entrepreneur who specializes in, well, pretty much everything, it seems. From real estate, to wine, to Ms. Pac-Man, to even owning a homemade cosmetics brand, this lady has quite a colorful resume. Now, however, Luca is the driving force behind Creative Enabler — “a digital marketing strategy agency that equips passionate people to build their brands while building community”. Creative Enabler offers marketing strategy, web development, content production, and event promotion. And as if that wasn’t enough to add to Luca’s list of have-dones, Luca also teaches workshops on social media marketing and entrepreneurship at places like Hudson Kitchen and Jersey City Economic Development Corporation. {Psst: Her newest free workshop – Business Branding on a Budget – is now available. More here!} While someone buys this woman a plate of nachos {more on that later} for the sheer amount of awesome work she does, we’d like to introduce you to this week’s featured Hoboken Girl: Luca Cusolito of Creative Enabler.

On what inspires her

Empowering other entrepreneurs to do their good things louder and make their businesses a wild success is a huge inspiration and motivation for me. I love seeing passionate people succeed, and enabling them on their professional path.

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About her goals for the year

I recently launched an online creative community {society.creativeenabler.com}, and am working on growing our membership and scheduling AMA interviews with industry leaders.  My goals are to continue building Creative Enabler in a way that serves the creative community on a larger and more impactful scale… and to finish my book.

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A day in the life…

No day is a typical when you own a small business, but I try and maintain some semblance of a routine.  On most days, you’ll find me in &Co’s meditation room, sprawled on the floor with my laptop and three notebooks, clicking away {totally meditating}.  I’ve also been known to perch at Barcade and work while eating half my body weight in nachos.  You are always welcome to challenge me to a round of Ms. Pac-Man if you happen to spot me in the corner… I probably need a break.

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The highs and lows of her job

One of the adjustments to working independently was that it can be isolating, and I had a tendency to work for hours on end if I were to binge-listen to a TV series on Netflix. Having dedicated co-work space has helped with my productivity and creativity tremendously.

I enjoy having my own business because I can work remotely from anywhere, doing what I love with a team that I adore.  If there’s coffee and wifi, I’m good to go. Keeping all the proverbial balls in the air can be challenging, but no day is the same and my work is deeply rewarding.

Her career highlights

Last October, I was invited to President Obama’s South by South Lawn: A White House Festival of Ideas, Art, and Action.  It was an honor to be recognized as a creative leader within our country and to be selected from thousands of nominees to attend.  I met an astronaut and ate a burrito in the Rose Garden, so scratch those items off of my bucket list!

About her days off

I always take Sundays off to recalibrate.  I don’t open my laptop or check my e-mail.  I work on art {art.lucacusolito.com} or have Prosecco-fueled hangouts with my nearest and dearest.

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Her advice to someone trying to pursue this career path

Be tenacious.  Hustle smart. Know what you want, and more importantly, know what you don’t want. Take stock of the resources and capabilities that you do possess instead of getting bogged down in the have-nots. And get Boomerang for Gmail, because that’s better than keeping a to-do list of things to follow-up on.

Now, a little bit about her Hoboken + Jersey City favs

Favorite restaurant in JC

According to Delivery.com, it would appear that White Star Bar and More Express are my take-out faves.  When I go out to eat, I’m smitten with Porta and GP’s Hamilton Park.

Favorite boutique in Hoboken? JC?

Hoboken:  Aaraa Boutique.

Jersey City:  The Ruins in Bergen-Lafayette, Casa Feena, Another Man’s Treasure, Kanibal Home, Very… oh, wait, you wanted just one?

Favorite thing about Hoboken

Maxwell Place Park and the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. Pretty partial to the W Hoboken, as well.  And ya’ll just got that Trader Joe’s 🙂

Favorite thing to do in Hudson County

I’m celebrating ten years living and working in Jersey City. The time, it flies. But I’ve loved exploring venues and events that host art exhibitions and meeting fellow creatives.

Favorite outdoor place to spend time

Love me some Liberty State Park.

Favorite place to work out

I go to Base in Downtown JC.  They have a Ms. Pac-Man machine and smoothies, and it’s glorious.

Favorite place to go out with friends

Art events in Jersey City, mostly. I’ve been known to hang out in Industry City in Brooklyn, as well.

Something she think needs to come to the area

Jersey City would benefit from more affordable artist live/work complexes throughout the city. Kansas City, Missouri and St. Petersburg, Florida are great examples of municipalities creating innovative residential/commercial solutions that build infrastructure around its artist communities.  I would love to see more initiatives that allow for revised zoning regulations and developer involvement in making affordable/accessible space for artists of all disciplines to grow and thrive in every ward of the City.

Even though Creative Enabler was started in 2010, it is hitting its stride now… which means they have paid opportunities for folks that share their love for social media, creative strategy and empowering small businesses.

Quite the impressive girl of the week. E-mail luca@creativeenabler.com for more info on how to get involved with her local creative company!

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