Hoboken Girl of the Week: Crystal Davis of Art House Productions

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A writer by trade, but more of a passionately eclectic dabbler, Crystal Davis of Art House Productions draws artistic inspiration from pretty much anything she can get her hands on. As a poet and a painter {formally + traditionally trained by The Jersey City Arts School Program} she tries to look at things inside the box and how to make them visually electric. But aside from being an incredible local artist, through her powerful journey embodied by her art + spirit, Crystal reminds us to live in the present, enjoy our surroundings, and find the beauty and love in every moment, experience… and restaurant! Read more about our Hoboken Girl of the week in her own words below.


About her work

As a freelancer, I do have my own business — I am my business and as writing is my passion, I get to play out my dreams in words. I currently work for a variety of organizations here in Jersey City doing PR and marketing. I am the Assistant to the Executive Director for Art House Productions, I am one of the original contributors for ChicpeaJC, and the Chief Creative for WhealthandCo., (of course, amongst other things).

About her inspiration + goals

Inspiration? Love. Love for the moment, love for each other, and love always. It’s an incredible thing and realistically, I’m a hopeless romantic and my sleeves bleed it. Unfortunately, being this passionate about a lot of things can have its downfalls as I’m sure everyone knows. Fortunately, I’ve managed to create my best pieces (poetry, art, etc.) this year alone AND it’s not over yet!

My goals for this year are really just to live in the moment. I’ve got so many projects underway that I wouldn’t be able to compile them all with a deadline, because deadlines suck. I would rather let inspiration and happiness help towards reaching smaller goals like spending time with the people I love and building relationships with new people.

I’ve made so many changes in myself and for myself that I can actually look in the mirror and see how strong and beautiful I have become.

On the highs + lows of her job and what typical means

I wish I could describe a typical day. Since I’m often doing projects for numerous organizations, I kind of never stop working. Each day is different from the next. I think the day that things start getting repetitious for me is when I will know it’s time for change. When you’re doing the thing that you love for a living, you don’t have time to get comfortable.
However, I think normal highs are being able to laugh with my coworkers. Rather, a lot of them are like family at this point and each one has helped guide me to being the person I am today. Normal lows are really just when tension or stress is high over a project, which can happen at any moment.


About the highlight of her life

The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 — I was in a really bad place in 2016, I was depressed and had just gotten out of an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. When I found my way back to the surface of what felt like drowning in my own thoughts, I took the first breath into finding myself. I‘ve taken on projects that really mean something and resonate with me. And I’m in the process of building my own communications business and couldn’t be happier {I got the bug for wanting to be my own boss}. I’ve made so many changes in myself and for myself that I can actually look in the mirror and see how strong and beautiful I have become.

On eating and shopping and what she loves most about Hoboken + JC

Pizza Republic, while I love their pizza, I’m a cheese girl and their Mac and Cheese is on another level. I’m also a window shopper. Every once in awhile, I love to browse the selections at Anthropologie and Mint Market or Francesca’s just for clothing and accessory ideas. I’m a Boho-Goth so my taste is really specific, yet, colorful and these places just kind of get it!

But I’m a homebody. If it wasn’t for work and constantly being in the know, I would really just like to recline and write. My best pieces have been produced while recollecting myself after a long week. But nothing is better than the parks — walking around in a place commonly visited but not commonly taken in. Besides, if you’ve got good company and a beautiful environment, it doesn’t feel like exercise in the end! And that beautiful skyline. Imagine, being set up with an easel or a book while you’re gazing across the river. Some people don’t take the time to gander at the little things, but when you do. That’s your moment, the time when you’re within yourself, and at peace with everything surrounding.


 On where to go out with friends in the area

I was born and raised in Jersey City, so I’ve been exploring the area for twenty-three years. My friends and I usually try to pick a new place to visit every time we go out. A lot of my friends, we grew up together and now we all live in different places. So, when we get a chance to get everyone together we decide on a new restaurant or bar and enjoy the experience.

Some people don’t take the time to gander at the little things, but when you do. That’s your moment, the time when you’re within yourself, and at peace with everything surrounding.

About what is needed Hoboken + JC

Experience. Most people take to restaurants or businesses for the experience and I feel that in most places, that is what is lacking. If you can transform someone’s way of thinking as soon as they step into your establishment, then you’re golden. So, while it’s not specifically angled towards any type of business, it’s really just the overall idea – think Dancin’ in the Rain for brunch – something that fiddles with your emotions but leaves you happy.


Photos by Jushin Gonzalez of Beauty from the Beast Photography

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