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Hoboken Fitness: Riding at Prime Cycle

by Jennifer Tripucka
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There are few things I love more than a cycling class–it’s absolutely my favorite form of cardio. {Well, besides shopping. Which, when you’re carrying multiple shopping bags full of shoes can be its own workout. ANYWHO.} This might be because the treadmill really bores me, or I don’t have the situational awareness to ride a bike on city streets. Either way, cycling is tops for me.

I’ve found plenty of really fun, upbeat, crazy difficult cycling classes in NYC, but always felt that something was lacking in most of the classes I’ve been to in Hoboken. None were really as total body {yup, a spin class can be total body-ish} or fun as some of my faves like Flywheel, SoulCycle or Swerve.

With the opening of Prime Cycle, though, my prayers have finally been answered! {Yes, when I’m not praying for world peace, I’m wishing for convenient workouts and for Idris Elba to fall in love with me. Priorities, peeps.}

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Prime is a spin studio that is really about giving you a whole experience. This means that the lights are down low, the music is BLASTING and the instructors are screaming and expecting you to join in. {What can I say? I love a well placed “Whoo!” when working out. }

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I was first there for Prime’s grand opening, so there was a DJ playing some fun music before class to get us pumped up, which obviously doesn’t happen on a daily basis. But still, that should let you know the kind of vibe that you’re coming into–you feel like you’re at a club!

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A few other things that I want to rave about: Prime had a ton of people around to help people with their bike setup and the studio is set up stadium style, both of which I loved. A) There is nothing worse than going to a new studio, having no idea what you’re doing and having no one around to help. {AKA most of my fitness life.}  B) As someone who is, ahem, vertically challenged, I hate getting stuck behind someone way taller during spin and not being able to see anything for the entirety of class. So this was a major plus for me.

The only thing that I didn’t absolutely LOVE about Prime was the arms portion of class, which was more my own bias/jelly arms. We did a lot of presses while riding {basically a push up on the bike} and then used weights during one song for various arm exercises. A word to the wise: the arm section will feel a lot longer than you think, so go light on the weights unless you are super jacked. Or unless you enjoy pain. Either way.

All in all, I loved Prime so much–I worked hard in class because I was having a good time and sweat so much by the end I was basically like:

Sometimes you just feel like this after a good workout. Source: realitytvgifs.com

Can’t wait to go back!



Kelsey is a brunch-obsessed, sun worshiping wine drinker who has the crazy goal of trying every fitness activity in Hoboken. You can follow her workout adventure at hungoverbuthealthy.com and twitter.com/hungoverfitness.



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