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Hoboken’s Election Day 2017: EVERYTHING You Need to Know for Tuesday, November 7th

by Jennifer Tripucka
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This Tuesday is election day in Hoboken, New Jersey for Mayor, City Council, and Board of Education {as well as statewide we’ll be voting for a new NJ governor}. For the last six weeks or so, we’ve been sharing about all of the Hoboken candidates for Mayor and other city positions. It’s a lot of info to consume, we know. But important, nonetheless — as the future of our Mile Square is a stake. And if you think “my vote won’t count” — think again: voter turnout is usually pretty low, which in our city, means that only several thousand people help usher a candidate to victory. So educate yourself, learn about the candidates, and get out there and VOTE.

To help you make your final decisions about your Tuesday, here is a recap of candidates for the 2017 Hoboken elections:

Mayoral Candidates:

Comprehensive Intros to the Candidates: Who They Are, Their Backgrounds, and More

Candidates Share Their Thoughts on Infrastructure and State/National Politics

Candidates Share Their Thoughts on Development and Parking 

Snap Fitness JC

Candidates Share Their Thoughts on Mass Transportation and Recreation 

Videos of the Mayoral Debates at Stevens Last Month hosted by Quality of Life Coalition

Zap Fitness

City Council Candidates:

The 14 Hoboken City Council 2017 Candidates Answer 7 of Our Burning Qs 


Board of Education Candidates:

Hoboken BOE Candidates 2017 Answer Our Questions


Before you vote…

-Make sure you are registered; check here.

-Check off all voting requirements and make sure you have the materials you need to vote:

If you have voted in NJ before, you will not need to supply ID to vote by mail or in person.

If you are voting for the first time in your county, registered to vote by mail, and didn’t provide an ID number or a copy of ID when you registered, attach a copy to your ballot or bring one of the following to vote:

Current photo ID {NJ Driver’s License, military or other government ID, student or job ID, or U.S. passport} OR any government document that shows your name and address {Current utility bill, bank statement, pay statement, or government check}

Where to vote:

-Find your polling place in Hoboken by typing in your address here.

Once you’ve voted:

Share this “I VOTED” graphic, below, on social media to let everyone know you’ve done your civic duty — and make sure to tag @HobokenGirlBlog on social media!


Polls will be open in Hoboken from 6AM-8PM on Tuesday, November 7th, so make sure to get out and vote!




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