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Hoboken Dogs Slaying Their Halloween Costumes

by Will
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It’s that spooky time of the year again… Halloween is FINALLY here! {Honestly, it has felt like it’s lasted for a few weeks if we’re being real here.} But Hoboken residents are pretty on-point with their Halloween celebrations — from elaborate decorations crafted on their stoops to the homemade and creative costumes that never fail to surprise us. So it’s no out-of-the-ordinary sitch that even our Mile Square mutts outshine the competition when it comes to their costume game. Here are some of the most adorable Hoboken dogs featured in their Halloween costumes for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


^Off to see the wizard: Mugsy, Greyson, Ruby & Poncho as The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, Dorothy and The Cowardly Lion

^Yoshi, Mario & Luigi — Lady, Mack & Teddy looking super as the Super Doodle Bros.

^Furry friends who save the day together, stay together. Miles, Colby and Matilda as the Justice League.

^Larry the pug, probably the only monster we’d snuggle with…

^Because it wouldn’t be a Hoboken Girl dog post without some Frenchies 🙂 Tito, Midge, Milo, Fred and Jelly.

^When your dogs bust ghosts but also want to suck your blood…Dracula + Ghost Buster

^Louis giving our cameras his best Jack-O-Latern smile

^Cooper’s go-to getup whenever it’s bath time. BOO.

^Roxy, sweet chocolate lab lady is a sweet Hershey’s chocolate kiss.

^When your name is Jelly, there’s no way you’re not going as a doughnut for Halloween.

^Captain Otto, ready to go treasure hunting for treats.

^King Sami & Queen Sera welcome you to their Hoboken palace

^Marty always loves Halloween, but he loves it more this year because it falls on Taco Tuesday!

^Hudson the Ewok, destroyer of Death Stars and hearts.

^Finley, born to be wild.

^Wait here; Chai the caterpillar is gonna change into his butterfly costume. Might be a couple of weeks though…


There you have it — thank you to all the awesome Hoboken pet parents that are super committed to making sure their pups are Insta-worthy regardless of the season or holiday.

Happy Halloween!

All photos by the talented Will Ferman.

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