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Hoboken Art: PetSPEAK Portraits of Your {Furry} BFF

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Looking for a way to keep your pet around forever? I’ve found the solution: an artist. And a muse.

hoboken girl pierre

My muse {Pierre + I}

Club Pilates 2023

Enter PetSPEAK art, owned by artist Andrea Kahn, which creates portraits of your pets.


pierre watermarked small 7

Hobbs Inc

^My pup, Pierre’s portrait!

I love how Andrea even used Pierre’s cuddle cup {his bed} and some of my turquoise blue table + a window with Hoboken in the background. Just amazing work — not to mention Pierre is wearing a beret, staying true to his French heritage! Such a wonderful work of art that I am excited to hang in our home.

Andrea created PetSPEAK to offer animal lovers a truly unique portrait experience. As both an artist and writer, Andrea brings something different and truly meaningful to pet lovers: each portrait contains an original phrase she writes specifically for that pet. The phrase is created from details of the life shared by pet and human. While the art is ultra modern, lushly colorful and rich with detail, the words tell the story of your pet in a deeply personal way.

AXIS School of Dance

Here’s how the PetSPEAK Portrait Process works:

Before work starts, Andrea has a 30 minute phone or online meeting to discuss the pet’s life, habits, history; all the details that are unique to the pet’s personality. Then, images of the pet are provided to Andrea {you can use instagram photos, etc}. She uses the photos to see the color, shape and size of the animal; the pet’s body language. PetSPEAK Portraits are not just a painted portrait of the copies — each PetSPEAK Portrait is an original work of art.

Fun fact:

Andrea actually asked me what music makes me happy –and while she works on a portrait, she listens ONLY to the specific music the pet parent loves! {Basically she was listening to Enrique Iglesias, *Nsync, Billy Joel, Coldplay, and Frank Sinatra}. What a combo. You’re welcome.

The art:

PetSPEAK Portraits are created by hand and printed on lustrously thick, environmentally safe, museum quality paper ready for framing. Portraits are also available on wood. Sizes range from 16″ x 20″ to 30″ x 40″. Custom sizes are also available.

I just loved Pierre’s portrait so much {see below} that I asked Andrea to send me some other examples so I could blog about them. Here are a few {which include her description of their story}:


Boo Boo pet speak art

This is a memorial portrait for a pitbull who died over a decade ago. His human, now sober and an outstanding parent, spouse and community advocate, was struggling at that time with alcohol. The relationship with this dog brought his human to a new comprehension of responsibility and peace. I wrote “Take Me To The Good Inside Myself” because it was apparent that this dog saved his human as much as his human saved him.


64 FINAL Together we speak Rocky and Pierce pet speak art

The couple who lives with these two dogs are happily child free, by choice…yet over the years people continuously ask them when they plan on having kids! They consider the dogs family and share a wonderful, active life together. I wrote “Together We Speak The Language of Family” to illustrate that feeling.



FINAL 8 To PRINt SIGNED Hershey and Lovey pet speak art

The family that lives with this cat and dog had the Maine Coone first. When they brought home the dog the cat had “a nervous breakdown” and ran into the basement, where it lived in terror for years. Eventually, the pair began eating together, then spending their days companionably. Now they are deeply attached. For them I wrote “Each Day Time Pulls Us Closer.”

And of course, last but not least:


pierre watermarked small 7 pet speak art

To contact PetSPEAK art/Andrea, email: Andrea@petspeakart.com

Follow PetSPEAK on Twitter: @petspeakart



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