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The Scoop On Freshy Freeze’s Rolled Ice Cream {in Jersey City}

by Tamara
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Ice cream, you scream — pretty much EVERYONE is screaming about the seriously Insta-worthy ice cream that’s happening right now in Jersey City. If you haven’t heard of JC’s Freshy Freeze, {the thai-rolled ice cream shop that opened in July 2016}, you’ve def seen the tasty, Thai-rolled ice cream treat at least once on your social feed and thought “That needs to come home to mama [or papa] riiiight now.”



Thank goodness we no longer have to make the haul over to Chinatown’s 10Below {which made this dessert uber famous} to get this must-have delicacy that’s blowing up Instagram, also known as stir-fried ice cream. Part of the fascination certainly has to do with the experience you get when you walk in. After you choose your flavors and toppings {the combos you can make are unreal, btw}, you watch them chop, flatten, and roll the masterpiece right in front of your eyes — and voila! …it’s one of the most beautiful things you’ll see {and eat}.


So what exactly makes it different than classic ice cream besides its rolled up form? Thai ice cream is made with a small amount of liquid base and then you get to choose a mix-in, which is then poured on to a freezing surface {we’re talking around -35 degrees Farenheit} where the rolling magic happens.


^Just a mocha latte coffee + oreo rolled ice cream situation happening here


The real question is, however, is the ice cream as delicious as it is Insta-worthy? Truth be told, there’s nothing better than digging into a creamy, rounded scoop of ice cream. But we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Add mangos to anything vanilla, and you’ve got yourself a deal:


Double trouble: The Mocha Latté (left) and yet again, Mango Tango {a crowd fave}


Crack Me Up is vanilla ice cream infused with strawberry graham crackers.

Crack Me Up is vanilla ice cream infused with strawberry graham crackers. Yes plz.



Now this is how we like our rolls {not to be confused with the rolls we’ll get post ice cream}: in the form of refreshing, fruity, chocolately-topping overload. Extra cycling class needed, that’s for sure.

A video posted by @dymzz_ on

So what are you waiting for — make sure to visit the coolest {literally} spot in JC right now and lose your sh## like everyone else is doing. Prepare yourself though — because you’re not the only one with this idea, so you might be spending some time in line. #WorthIt.

Have you had a chance to stop by Freshy Freeze yet?  

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?  Comment below and let us know!

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