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Local Startup EXP Empowers Businesses with Financial Consulting

by Ainsley Layland
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It’s no secret that local business owners are looking for help in every direction to stay afloat during these challenging times. In general, finances are a huge stressor for a business owner and can make or break the outcomes of the business as a whole. Luckily, thanks to a powerhouse team of two women at EXP Consulting —  businesses don’t have to worry.

Started by two millennial women working in the finance industry in NYC, EXP’s mission is to bridge the knowledge gaps in end-to-end processes and provide a deep dive into a company’s data and financials to favorably impact a business’ bottom line. Essentially, as a business owner — you can breathe, knowing your business is actively heading in a profitable direction, with help from the team at EXP. Here’s more about this local business that serves both large and small businesses alike.

Founded by Rhiannon Petras and Christine Wandoloski, two NYC finance professionals, EXP is not in the business of quick fixes. “We don’t believe in short-term fixes. We will always provide a repeatable program and/or automated processes for aggregating and tracking KPIs, to continue your savings,” Christine said.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

^ Rhiannon

The local duo met during a previous job and found that their work ethic and personalities made for the perfect match to tackle a new company together.

“We met working together in corporate finance at a Fortune 500 company. We sat about 2 feet from each other in the ‘open concept’ design and were inseparable. We not only figured out that our skills complement each other perfectly, which produced incredible work products but also became great friends,” said Christine. “We even held each other accountable by going to the gym during lunch breaks!”

Most good teams are made up of people with different backgrounds, lending a variety of skills to the organization. EXP is no exception. Rhiannon comes from a consultant background where she worked on high-profile clients in providing data, system, and process advice and guidance. She creates dashboards that take complicated data and boils it down into something easy to understand.

Christine Wandoloski exl

^ Christine

On the flip side, Christine has an extensive financial statement and data background. She takes large data sets and makes sense of it all to provide sound and comprehensive financial advice. She helps create financial models for clients so they are able to change inputs and immediately see how it would impact the customer’s profitability or growth.

Why EXP is a Good {Business} Match

Local Startup Empowers Businesses

Numbers reveal everything about a business, and this team places a huge emphasis on data-driven decision making to further a company, helping with budget planning, financial goals, and more.

“Clean, aggregated data reveals hidden costs and revenue growth opportunities, which we create a strategy around using our proven methodology to ensure real margin growth,” said Christine. “Your customized implementation strategy won’t disrupt your employees’ day-to-day work, and will enable you to keep more of your hard-earned profit.”

They Have Seen It All

exp business consulting

Christine and Rhiannon are experts in helping a business navigate what their future looks like and how to get there. By creating budgets and proformas, they can see what a business’ trajectory is in the next 1 to 5 years — and have even helped Jen Tripucka, the founder of Hoboken Girl, with navigating through COVID-19, budget planning, finances, and more.

“You can ask us how certain business decisions or environments {COVID, for example} will impact your business. This is extremely important nowadays, and we are here to help your business stay afloat,” said Christine. “As your business changes with the mercurial environment, we can flow this through your income statements to help course correct. We will give you financial ease, and you can focus on running the business.”

They Know You Are Different

Each company operates differently and has specific needs, so their approach to analyzing a business is always a customized effort. Their typical collaboration consists of 3 deliverables.

An assessment of expenses and documented recommendations for all areas with potential savings + improvement, an implementation plan for all areas of focus agreed upon to achieve savings and growth, and a dashboard of agreed-upon baseline metrics, updated monthly with measured progress.

They Won’t Leave You High + Dry

exp business consulting

To ensure that you continue to realize the identified savings after the collaboration has ended, EXP also provides continuous tracking and consulting in the form of dashboard monitoring of all KPIs and expense items identified during the base project. Business owners can also receive dashboard monitoring with monthly insights and analysis of previously identified areas of warning.

They Want the Best For You

With a proven track record of decision support to executives at a Fortune 500 company, the minds behind EXP are leaders in business transformation and process optimization, offering their innovative analytics visualizations for better-informed decision making to help any business. They are also happy to help create metrics, forecasts, or scenario planning from scratch with business owners who have never had them done. 

They Know Business Owners Can Evolve

Rhiannon and Christine know the importance of understanding projections as a business owner and encourage owners to be open to considering how a business can evolve for the better during these tough times. 

You can find more of their thoughts on the matter, on the EXP blog, Our Thoughts.

Business owners, both big and small, can receive a free assessment when you mention Hoboken Girl via email or their website, to see how EXP can help your business thrive. 


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