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What’s on Top of the Empire State Building Right Now?

by Jennifer Tripucka
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The Empire State Building is always lit up with different lights honoring different causes throughout the year. In fact — there’s a daily schedule you can even find online, which impeccable viewing from the Hoboken waterfront and some of Jersey City. But Sunday, June 16th, there was a bit of a different look; some might even say it was reminiscent of King Kong circa 1983 vibes. So, what’s on top of the Empire State Building right now? It appears to be Vhagar, a promo for the House of Dragon’s return — 270-feet tall, coiled around the building’s mast.


In partnership with Max, atop the Empire State Building, a 270-foot dragon’s claw sits as part of an Observatory takeover. Vhagar the Dragon has coiled herself around the mast. Vhagar was one of the dragons used by Aegon The Conqueror and his sisters during The War of Conquest in Game of Thrones’ prequel House of Dragons — which premieres its second season tonight. The dragon was named for one of the gods of old Valyria.


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“Just after the Empire State Building pledged its allegiance to the King, Vhagar descended upon the heart of New York City and has claimed the mast of the ‘World’s Most Famous Building’ as her perch,” said ESRT Chairman and CEO Tony Malkin to Yahoo Finance.

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“Citizens of Westeros can now sit in the Iron Throne at the Observatory’s grand staircase and then rise to the 86th Floor to face the colossal beast up close as they take in the unmatched, 360-degree views from our world-famous Observatory – Tripadvisor’s #1 attraction in the United States.”

Vhagar is made up of 1,700 total patterns and 600,000 inches of sewn seams. And interestingly, the company’s President Mark Bachman was a manager on the Empire State Building’s King Kong installation in 1983.

To view the full Empire State Building schedule of lights, click here.

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